Monday, November 12, 2007

Come On Feel The Illinois

Princess Slea, her sister-in-law, Fem-Monkey and the kiddoes came a calling this weekend. Fun was had by all. Some highlights:
  • Fem-monkey began the Wine Cellar's World Tour, which entails the drinking of over 40 beers served in-house. A T-Shirt and plaque entry await the survivors. Contestants are not expected to finish in one night. The Wine Cellar staff will keep your record card on file for years....
  • MonkeyJr. (aged 3) told me a variation on the Chicken crossing the road joke. Why? To eat the broccoli of course.
  • I found out that my god-daughter (Vampiress, aged 6) is dating a boy in her hometown. I proceeded to fake-phone the lad and threatened him to peals of laughter coming from PGirl Jr.'s room.
  • Ran with the dog down to Washington and 3rd streets downtown on Saturday morning. Felt good!
  • Listened as my poor PGirl's voice became more and more Suzanne Plechette-ish all weekend.
  • Made some too-salty chili for dinner yesterday.
  • Watched the Bills squeak by the lowly Dolphins. Our running back did have a good game, running in the sole-touchdown and following it with a two-point conversion.
  • I beat the top guy in my Fantasy Football League, with some help from the Patriots' bye week (this dude's team has Tom Brady and a few other Pats on it) and the fact that his second string QB was clobbered and taken out early yesterday. Trading deadline is Friday and the playoffs start in a few weeks, so I'm hoping for a trade. As of tomorrow, I should be in 4th place and playoff eligible, but that can change quickly...

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princess slea said...

thanks for the hospitality. i haven't talked to fem-monkey (love it) yet today but she said she had a good time.

ps. have a good poop.