Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holiday Road

The kiddoes and I are spending a few days in Kentucky at the Colonel's house before we head up to Chicago for a "hitchin"! So far, so good. We've been getting up early to play in the pool before breakfast almost every day. I spend some time swimming with the kids, then I keep them in the shallow end and read a bit by the poolside. I'm reading "The Wastelands - Dark Tower 3". It has been really fun and relaxing so far. I was bad and took some work with me, but I do that before the kids get up and it relieves me to be ahead of the curve when I get back to work.

Last night I met some high school friends at an Applebee's and followed that up with a trip to Barleycorn's. Big Red Letter Day for the kids as I took them to see "The Simpsons Movie" this afternoon. We were all supposed to go to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner tonight, but the Colonel is under the weather. So I took the kids to a family pub where they ate for free. Oh yeah, I took the kids to Border's yesterday too. Love it!

I know it is probably just urban sprawl and I'm noticing things more, but I've seen a lot of guys around here wearing golf shirts, pleated pants and cell phone holsters. The new gunslingers I suppose.

We'll hook up with PGirl on Friday for some wedding fun!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Low Power To The People

Listen up reader(s)!!! The low power, community based, arts-centric WRFA-LP will be broadcasting live from about 15 feet below my office all day in luverly Jamestown, New York. 10,000 Maniac keyboard playin' virtuoso and station manager Dennis Drew will be hosting the whole damn affair. There will be several local musicians playing throughout the day as well as some witty banter. Tune in and you may even hear me in the Arts On Fire segment.

Not anywhere near Jamestown? No problem, you can stream us online by clicking here:!

Update: My boss just said "condom riot" on the air. Genius!

Update 2: Brian Hanna just played a song about bugs with his son Evan. Shades of Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Purple Nightmare?

I'm working from the home office (dining room table) today, while the kids take a day off from their summer schooling at Chautauqua. They've played a few games, ate breakfast and watched "Sesame Street" so far. We'll be taking a break shortly to play outside, however, something made me jump from my seat a few moments ago to grab the remote. Sure, one of the munchkins might have inadvertantly switched over to Skinemax, but this wasn't the case.

What I heard in the back room was the beginning of "Barney". I hate "Barney". I think it is one of the most derivative crapfests in children's television. The melodies used were mostly children's songs to begin with, so why the hell do they have to change the lyrics? The child actors are awful and will probably grow up to be annoying Broadway wannabes. Yeah, I'm bitter. I was outvoted by my children's chanting, "Barney, Barney, Barney..." They can watch today, but you can bet I'll be popping in "The Electric Company" DVD before the day is through. No electronic media can teach my children better than Morgan Freeman - before playing God and voice-overs about man-love in a New England prison.

Last Comic Standing

As you may or may not know, I read the comics or "funnies" every day. Every damn day! If a newspaper is handy, I'll read about half of the strips published, but mostly I have bookmarks to a a select few:

Funky Winkerbean
For Better Or For Worse
Luann (A real shitty strip, yet still compelling. I'm getting blue balls from all the "will they, won't they" of Brad and Toni)
Pearls Before Swine
Get Fuzzy

Recently, I stumbled upon a blog devoted to deconstructing these very strips. The dude who writes here is spot on !and guarantees getting a deep laugh out of me every other post. Please, please, please try The Comics Curmudgeon

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Once Bitten, Nice Guy

Ian and Makkaio have turned me (pun intended) on to a new internet game featuring werewolves versus vampires. By clicking below, you'll see the website, let a little digital blood, but won't be obligated to do a damn thing!

Check it out!

Hey Makkaio! Good match the other night. Throwing darts is fun! As far as tradition is concerned when winning the match, I've gone a few without being stricken. Though I did catch a plastic dart in the head. Can't remember which evening though...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Kitchen Sink

"What in the hell has been happening with Galoot and PGirl?", you ask.

PGirl is watching "You've Got Mail". As I type this out. I hope she'll want to catch up on "Entourage" and "Flight of the Conchords" when I'm finished with this. I'm sending her HBO vibes right now, but I'm not sure she's getting them. HBO. HBOOOOOOOOO.....

Cleveland was the destination for our 7 year anniversary and PGirl's birthday present - VIP tickets to a screening of "A Christmas Story" at the house where exteriors were shot oh so long ago. It was a day of reminiscing and of landing some sweet-ass deals. As we took a two lane highway from Saint Eileen's that weirdly led directly to our hotel, we talked about the early days and looked at the scenery on an otherwise dreary day.

We picked up a couple of camping chairs at a rural Wal-Mart Supercenter for $10 a pop and made it to the Holiday Inn Express a few hours before the event. This was not your ordinary Express either. It was located in the theater district, downtown, in an old hotel. Vintage elevators, big lobby, the works. Ali let slip that it was our anniversary and the clerk upgraded us to the jazuzzi room for no extra charge. It was pretty damn cool. Top floor, high ceilings corner of the building with views of Lake Erie and the football stadium. Oh! And a widescreen TV bigger than myself and H put together. The clerk showed up soon with complimentary champagne. We were on cloud 9!

After dipping our toes in the jacuzzi, we drove to Flannery's Irish Pub for dinner, then on to the event. I'll let PGirl fill you in on some of those details. But the highlight for me was meeting Harry F'ing Knowles! The big redheaded dude in the picture above. He runs one of my favorite movie/tv websites.

I've lived in Jamestown for almost 6 years
now and I still can't figure out why my neighbor's family has chosen the curb directly across from my driveway to park their cars. I think they must have the same gene that compels them to walk in the middle of the street even though the sidewalks have been ice-free since April.

PGirl just switched over to a recorded "Entourage". My vibes are working. I want an Italian Ice. A mango flavored Italian Iiiiiiiiiiiiiice...

The best blog in Chautauqua County is not mine. I concede victory to In Java. She's been at it longer than me and she actually updates it on a regular basis. Lawyer revealed his identity to me last week and I just can't hold a grudge against the guy. Plus, he might do my living will. Morbid? Maybe.