Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Comic Standing

As you may or may not know, I read the comics or "funnies" every day. Every damn day! If a newspaper is handy, I'll read about half of the strips published, but mostly I have bookmarks to a a select few:

Funky Winkerbean
For Better Or For Worse
Luann (A real shitty strip, yet still compelling. I'm getting blue balls from all the "will they, won't they" of Brad and Toni)
Pearls Before Swine
Get Fuzzy

Recently, I stumbled upon a blog devoted to deconstructing these very strips. The dude who writes here is spot on !and guarantees getting a deep laugh out of me every other post. Please, please, please try The Comics Curmudgeon


princess slea said...

hilarious. i'm going to bookmark that one. thanks for the tip.

i laughed out loud at the ziggy one.

Julia said...

I was clued into this site a couple weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it! I can't read the funnies normally now.

TM said...

I'd seen the Curmudgeon before in my normal blog reading of comic book related sites and kept meaning to tell you after your last strip-related post. Glad you found it.

Galoot said...

PSlea - Ziggy deserves everything he gets.

Julia, TM - You both knew about this site and witheld that information from me? How sweet! You must be trying to keep me from procrastination!

Julia said...

Actually, I found out about the site from Mr. Social, who said he found out about it from you. No withholding happening here.

monkeybrigade said...

I'm upset by the lack of the Perry Bible Fellowship. But since it's infrequently updated, I'll let it slide this time...