Friday, August 24, 2007

Low Power To The People

Listen up reader(s)!!! The low power, community based, arts-centric WRFA-LP will be broadcasting live from about 15 feet below my office all day in luverly Jamestown, New York. 10,000 Maniac keyboard playin' virtuoso and station manager Dennis Drew will be hosting the whole damn affair. There will be several local musicians playing throughout the day as well as some witty banter. Tune in and you may even hear me in the Arts On Fire segment.

Not anywhere near Jamestown? No problem, you can stream us online by clicking here:!

Update: My boss just said "condom riot" on the air. Genius!

Update 2: Brian Hanna just played a song about bugs with his son Evan. Shades of Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.


Mr. Social said...

Wish I could go. I gotta quit this damn job...

Julia said...

Brian Hanna and his son were great! I was lucky to catch that on the radio.

You really should see about getting the Trachtenburg Family to Jamestown. I'm waiting for my eMusic credits to re-up so I can download their album off of there.

-R- said...

I hope you had fun!