Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Purple Nightmare?

I'm working from the home office (dining room table) today, while the kids take a day off from their summer schooling at Chautauqua. They've played a few games, ate breakfast and watched "Sesame Street" so far. We'll be taking a break shortly to play outside, however, something made me jump from my seat a few moments ago to grab the remote. Sure, one of the munchkins might have inadvertantly switched over to Skinemax, but this wasn't the case.

What I heard in the back room was the beginning of "Barney". I hate "Barney". I think it is one of the most derivative crapfests in children's television. The melodies used were mostly children's songs to begin with, so why the hell do they have to change the lyrics? The child actors are awful and will probably grow up to be annoying Broadway wannabes. Yeah, I'm bitter. I was outvoted by my children's chanting, "Barney, Barney, Barney..." They can watch today, but you can bet I'll be popping in "The Electric Company" DVD before the day is through. No electronic media can teach my children better than Morgan Freeman - before playing God and voice-overs about man-love in a New England prison.


Julia said...

Thanks a lot. I had weird dreams that included Barney last night. I'm not even kidding!

Mr. Social said...

Garbage. Barney is the worst type of crap you can subject a child to. Good for you. Barney is emarrassing.