Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Real Dressing Room - Florida

This is an improvised video shot in 1995 at Florida Atlantic University. It was made backstage during the production of "Measure For Measure", taped, directed and edited by cast member Bron Barry - no relation, but a very cool dude who's living and working in L.A. now.

I love, how, only a few years into the Real World's existence, we "young people" knew what utter bullshit it was. I'm pretty sure we made this around between San Francisco and London seasons. Look for Jimmy McJamestown (pictured above), Charlie Berfield, Keven Scotti, Reggie Garcon, Paul Casali, Des Gallant and many others (including Bron!), improvising our hearts out.

Now that I know the rules of improv, I'm picking my performance apart (it has been 12 years since I've seen this). But it is kind of fun to watch. Thanks to Bron for posting this! Beware, it is almost 18 minutes long and contains profanities. Enjoy!

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Quick One While She's Away...

What is up?

Work and home are busy, busy, busy now!

Some updates:

Asa got a haircut at Groomingdale's yesterday. We kept some hair on his muzzle, ears and tail. He looks freaky! But I love it. I spoke with our groomer about some Halloween cuts for October....

Galoot Jr. and myself are getting haircuts tonight. Fun stuff.

I've been growing a beard for a play reading in June. I'll be playing Buffalo Bill at an unveiling for a wood-cut, billboard that was uncovered on the side of my office's building a few years ago. This thing is vintage and very cool. Please don't laugh at our website. We'll be presenting a new one soon!

It took a few seasons, but it appears that Jim and Pam might finally be getting together on The Office! Very funny, very cool episode. I've already seen conspiracy theories on the net regarding Ryan's taking the job at corporate. Remember when Wallace said it would be nice to have another M.B.A. at work? Ryan is still in business school, no? Big theory is Wallace was talking to Karen, then Karen was the one talking to Ryan. What do you think? In other sweeps-period type developments, one of the gals I dated in graduate school was playing, Grace, the receptionist at Dunder-Mifflin in NYC! PGirl was very pleased when I paused the image to reveal this to her!

We're going to attempt a marathon trip next week. On Thursday, PGirl and I will drive 3 hours east to Elmira and catch my mentor's production of Cabaret at the college. On Friday night, we'll be back in town for The Unexpected Guests annual Lucy-Desi Days show. Early on Saturday morning, we're going to beat it out of town to vist the Colonel, the Mick, Momma Hen and Taken for a Memorial Day weekend hootenanny!

Friday, May 11, 2007


...so I'll steal another type of entry. From PSlea,

Four Things about Me

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Puppeteer - For a very brief stint, I worked two puppets for an ill-conceived, ill-fated Saturday morning, 6am, public access, children's show that basically served to sell a video of the puppets (with different performers). One character was a cowboy/cyclone and the other was a Rastafarian, rotary telephone. His name was Rastaphone.
2) Usher/Concessions Dude - I worked at Loew's Cinemas in Florence, Kentucky. At that time, nine auditoriums were considered a multiplex. Itchy polyester pants. Free popcorn and movies. I served Ozzy Osbourne and his entourage.
3) Camp Counselor - My first job stretched out over 3 summers at two different scout camps. Too many stories to tell here. The cub scout camp was the most fun though. Not because of the kids. No, the older guys on staff were like a fraternity and were insanely cool and funny.
4) Book/Music Seller - I helped to open the Border's in Boynton Beach, Florida eleven years ago. If I went back into retail, I'd consider that chain.

Four places I have lived:
1) Islip, New York - My first memories were in an old house on Long Island. We lived a few miles from the ocean. It is congested as hell now, but I like visiting when I can.
2) Delray Beach, Florida - I rented a very cool, recently renovated little apartment from Jimmy McJamestown's folks. Only stayed for 4 months. It was about 50 yards from a 7-11.
3) Deerfield Beach, Florida - Shacked up with PGirl for almost 2 years before we married. Her first condo.
4) Northern Kentucky - My formative years were spent in this part of the southern midwest. Mere miles from Cincinnati and B.F.E.

I think I recommended some shows in a previous entry...

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:
1) Ireland - Weeks before my wedding, my family went and visited my Mom's cousins.
2) Key West - Possibly my favorite place to go.
3) Lake Cumberland, Kentucky - Houseboating for a week - several hundred dollars. Beer in a dry county - 50 bucks. Going nude down a slide into the water at midnight - priceless!
4) Warren, Pennsylvania - As a 14 year old. Don't try this. Ever.

1) Sushi
2) Pizza
3) Bagels with cream cheese, salmon and capers.
4) Bacon

1) Home.
2) Mother's Day morning.
3) Key West
4) At a Pavement concert.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Silver Screen

Wow! A lot of blogging folks seem to be on a movie kick. I'll chime in here.

The family will be packing in the "man"ivan soon to head over to the Park 60 Drive In. At dusk, we'll be watching "Spiderman 3", munching on popcorn and trying to keep the kids from killing each other. I love the drive-in, because we can all see a movie together without GalootJr. making a run for the exits before the first reel is over.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. Hopefully it will be entertaining. What follows are my favorite super hero movies. In no particular order...
  1. Spiderman 2 - Perfect balance of humor, hubris and action. This one managed to be a Sam Raimi movie, while preserving the integrity of Peter Parker.
  2. X-Men - Not bad for an "origin" story. Wolverine's entrance was memorable.
  3. X-Men 2 - Nightcrawler was well realized here. Shame the controls were turned over to Brett Ratner for number 3.
  4. Superman - Still rocks my world after almost 30 years. I loved Christopher Reeves' take on the character.
  5. Blade - Thoroughly entertaining bit of vampire killing. Wesley Snipes owned the character.
  6. Superman 2 - Richard Donner was asked to leave production after much of this one was in the can. I'd like to see his cut that is available on DVD.
  7. Batman Begins - Very, very cool! Almost perfect cast all-around.
  8. Batman - I liked the music, the sets and the costumes. I'm still not crazy about Michael Keaton though. And Jack Nicholson was good, not great.
  9. Ghost World - Based on a graphic novel about two teens facing life after high school graduation. Funny. Sad. Quirky.