Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Real Dressing Room - Florida

This is an improvised video shot in 1995 at Florida Atlantic University. It was made backstage during the production of "Measure For Measure", taped, directed and edited by cast member Bron Barry - no relation, but a very cool dude who's living and working in L.A. now.

I love, how, only a few years into the Real World's existence, we "young people" knew what utter bullshit it was. I'm pretty sure we made this around between San Francisco and London seasons. Look for Jimmy McJamestown (pictured above), Charlie Berfield, Keven Scotti, Reggie Garcon, Paul Casali, Des Gallant and many others (including Bron!), improvising our hearts out.

Now that I know the rules of improv, I'm picking my performance apart (it has been 12 years since I've seen this). But it is kind of fun to watch. Thanks to Bron for posting this! Beware, it is almost 18 minutes long and contains profanities. Enjoy!


charlie said...

wow. i had completely forgotten about that. i actually have almost no memory of it at all. makes me wonder what other evidence of my crappy acting is floating around out there somewhere.

Galoot said...

You've come a long way baby! Both Richard and Keven have current stuff floating on the web now. I imagine Carrie Vann might bust out "Jimmy's Dream" some day...