Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just Words

I've recently been informed that Galoot's Hoot Page has been nominated for "Best Local Blog" in the Chautauqua Region Word weekly arts/entertainment paper. Certainly, I am honored by even being considered for this distinction, but I have to give some credit to those blogs which I read often. Included are websites I visit often.
  1. Preppy Girl's Guide - By the woman who got me into blogging just over a year ago. My wife, my soulmate, my love. A window into our humble life in Western New York.
  2. And You Know What Else - The mostly anonymous "R" is a young, married and funny lawyer who is married to a galoot-like fellow, also working in law. Takes me back to the days before we had kids.
  3. Mama Drama - The Houston Chronicle hosts blogs by several moms at various stages in their lives. My favorite to read is by Jenny Lawson, who also has a more profane blog - The Bloggess.
  4. Starry Night Boutique - Preppy Girl's same sex soulmate and BFF, the Princess herself, gives us a unique look into life in her midwestern town. Imaginary friends, hairless cats and angry drivers rule.
  5. In Java, Literally... - Runs a close second to Preppy Girl for my vote for favorite local blog. WRFA's newsreader and improv audience regular enlightens the world to her existence in the Southern Tier, including her husband - a government official and skateboarder.
  6. What Jeff Killed - A large orange cat in California is "death itself" to the other critters in his domain. His adopted owners document his exploits graphically and with humor.
  7. Chautauqua Area Music Profile - Ever wonder what musicians from my part of the state talk about? Surprisingly, not much about music. Check out the forums for threads of local debate.
  8. Post Journal - Jamestown's own newspaper has improved since I moved here five years ago, but it still has a ways to go. Check out the letters section for the Bill O'Reilly wannabes and the opinions section for the editor's "fair and balanced" comments.
  9. G-Mail - Google mail is the only account I have that hasn't been spammed.
  10. Harry Shearer - Visit on Wednesdays for a rebroadcast of his Sunday night, one man, many voices program "Le Show".
  11. Arts Council - The website for my workplace. New and improving. And I helped!
  12. Weather Channel - More bugs than Weather Bug, but I still visit for the forecast.
  13. Chautauqua Region Word - Arts, entertainment, cartoons and more.


-R- said...

Am I allowed to declare a tie between you and Preppygirl for the best Chataqua area blogs?

Galoot said...

She beats me hands down! Sorry for not commenting so much lately, but I am reading every day!

Julia said...

Thanks for the plug. Salamone asked me what blogs I think he should read and I named your blog and PreppyGirl's.

One of my favorite posts is the one about what you were saying on stage during The Nutcracker. I lost track of how many times I read that out loud to people.

Mama Drama Jenny said...


I'm totally beaming over here.

And that Nutcracker post? Hell yes. I've read it out loud to many a person. Except I start laughing and can't stop and it totally ruins the funniness of it. Basically I'm just screwing up your blog.

I suck.

Kentucky Colonel said...

Both your and PGirl's Blogs are great! Truth be told, reading your Blogs makes me feel we live closer than we actually do! It's like I get to visit every few days.

Did you get the pixs of "The Boys Night Out?"

Galoot said...

Julia - Nutcracker was one of my favorites to write. It just flowed.

You rock Jenny! No suckage at all.

Dad - I looked at the pictures today. I have no idea who the people in the pictures with you are, but I'm sure they could beat up my ass at the drop of a pin.