Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Must Read Thursday - On Wednesday!

I'll cheat a bit here and unveil my Thursday Thirteen a bit early. You're welcome for this gift.

Meet my niece.

  1. The Mick and his lovely wife welcomed my niece, M.I.A., into the world last Friday afternoon. The whole family is doing well. Hopefully we'll be seeing them soon.
  2. PGirl cannot blog at work and sends her best. I'm sure she's checking in with all of your blogs on the weekends. Her new job is taking on more shape every day and she is tired, but happy with the new job. We had lunch together in the building she works in and it certainly took me back several years. Bonus: Free copies of USA Today and the New York Times are available during the week at the university, which the PGirl brings home to her baby daddy. Woo-hoo!
  3. The Kiddoes are both in the same school for part of each day. GalootJr. is doing the Pre-K thing next door to PGirlJr.'s 1st grade homeroom. Both are settling into nighttime routines with some minor revolting. Quote of the Week: While watching the Bills game at the Silver Fox's house on Sunday, the boy was acting up. PGirl remarked how she hoped this was a stage, to which GalootJr. replied, "This is not a stage!".
  4. Chicago was next on the vacation route after Northern Kentucky a couple of weeks ago. The wedding, shopping and eating were welcome reprieves from the daily grind. A visit with Favor8 and the missus found us at at Gio's bar and grill on the Northside, 312 beers flowing and laptops open as Favor8 and I took part in our Fantasy Football...
  5. Draft. I picked up Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Matt Stover and the Bears defense in our 12 team league - The Dirty SanchezFFL. This was the first time I'd done a live draft and it was quite the learning experience. Our first games were played last weekend, and my team, Nancy Boys United, defeated Sick Baby's Diapers. Those aren't made up, they are totally the real team names. I can't print some of the league's team names. Seriously, they are that bad. Speaking of football...
  6. The Bills lost one of their special teams players to a potentially devasting injury on Sunday. Please send your best wishes to Kevin Everett.
  7. Music still rocks my world at work and in the car. Our city played host to a Local Music Showcase last weekend that was well attended. Loads of people milled about on Third Street and other avenues on Saturday night, taking in several concerts at a number of venues. On Sunday night, an awards show went up with live performances and hall of fame inductions. This all was a good shot in the arm for locals who feel we don't need festivals in the city. Streaming Audio of the Week: Illinois Street Lounge on SomaFM. You can stream this on I-tunes under the 50's-60's area of radio.
  8. The Local Blogosphere is churning along nicely. Makkaio was a presenter at the awards on Sunday and the butt of a lame-ass presenter joke written and performed by my improv troupe. In Java took me back to the mid-nineties with some old videos last week. Jamestown Lawyer did a bang up job with the Local Music Showcase and awards last weekend. The Sunday night affair was truly inspired. Well done.
  9. Work sucks, but I need the bucks. Actually things are going well here. I have a lot on my plate, but at least it is all in front of me.
  10. Food tastes good! PGirl and I had some Gyro plates in Greektown while in Chicago. Last night we had some delicious pizza from Subzone. Forte hooked us up with a couple of tins of Sushi last week and Timothy's tomato bisque was exquisite today.
  11. Southern Tier Brewery made it into Bon Appetit's October issue last weekend! On page 78, you'll find descriptions of some select brews to have this Autumn and what to serve them with.
  12. The Unexpected Guests are moving down the street to the Reg Studio Theater this weekend. We didn't want to counterprogram the music last weekend, so adjust your calendars and get your asses down here for some laughs.
  13. My alma mater suffered the loss of a student to a tragic suicide recently. Thanks to Tracy for the update. My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Eagles...


Stinkypaw said...

Happy to read that you guys are doing well and that The Mick and his wife welcomed Mia into the world - she's a hairy little one - cute!

Thanks for the update! ;-)

Julia said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

That's cool about PGirl's new job aside from the apparent blog blocking(?).

(Finds calendar) Saturday.... Reg Studio.. ok... got it. Hopefully we'll make it in between the politicking stuff Makkaio has to do.

-R- said...

Hello, new niece!

She is very adorable. I love the hair!

Say hi to Pgirl for me!

3carnations said...

Is that Mia or Missing In Action? I'm sure it's been done...