Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Post Today

PGirl's job change has been blitzing the media. Our newspaper carried an article last week about it, but I can't find a link to it. Same text and better picture may be found here.

I'm proud of my lady. She is perfect for the job and deserves to be happy at what she is doing. On account of the distance she travels to and fro daily, I mostly take the kids to school and pick them up in the afternoon. It is a nice change of pace for me and has helped me to organize my time at work.

Speaking of work, I'll be teaching improv to high schoolers again as a joint Drama Club between Jamestown High School and The Arts Council For Chautauqua County (my place of employment). I'll be putting out a flyer this week at the school, but also recorded a super cheap announcement for the club to be aired on the morning announcements. It will only be available on Thursday until I get a copy. Check out some morning cheese here.

Halloween is still several weeks away, but I like to get started on things early here. The decorations have gone up, the costumes have been purchased and I've started lapping up a month's worth of holiday goodness. My favorite Halloween tricks and treats.
  1. Listening to Halloween songs. You'd be surprised how many there are out there. Don't limit yourself to songs made for the holiday. Expand your horizons to include classical music, Broadway tunes, TV themes and goth music! The best Halloween streaming on the web can be found at Live 365.
  2. Tess's Indie Wave is my favorite station on the afore-mentioned website.
  3. Cobwebs In The Closet is a close second.
  4. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. If you don't like this special, there is something wrong with you.
  5. My kids' costumes. They've managed to be cute and perfect every year to date. GalootJr. put his fireman coat, hat and boots on last night over only his briefs. I told him to see PGirl , open up his coat and shake his hips. He surprised both of us by whipping off the coat, throwing his hat across the room, kicking off his boots and then dancing. Violently. I think I should put more parental controls on the TV.
  6. Candy corn. Yummy.
  7. Making jack-o-lanterns. We'll have to wait another week so they won't rot before the 31st.
  8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Watch it every year. The college PGirl works at is doing the original stage version later this month. Don't dream it! Be it!
  9. John Carpenter's Halloween. Fuck Rob Zombie.
  10. Columbus Day. A day off between Labor Day and Thanksgiving!
  11. Falling Leaves. We have lots of them and our region is close to peak.
  12. Pumpkin Seeds. A very tasty by-product of our jack-0-lanterns.
  13. Thanksgiving isn't far away...


-R- said...

I guess there is something wrong with me because I don't like any of the Charlie Brown specials!

Galoot said...

It's gotta be the new glasses...

Julia said...

I plan to be out in a field waiting for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween because our neighborhood gets swarmed by lots of costumed kids and UN-costumed "kids."

I love that JHS has their morning announcements online. Something heart warming about watching the Pledge and then a high school student's version of the news.

3carnations said...

We have been eating candy corn in excess. What about apple orchards? We usually visit a couple of those during the season (we've been to one already).

Congratulations again to Preppygirl! Sounds like a great job.

Mr. Social said...

that was pretty funny. nice reactions to that obviously evil HUGE high school student.

I saved a copy to my hard drive.

Mama Drama Jenny said...


I cannot stop laughing.

PS. When I first started reading this I thought you were saying that the pumpkin ass woman was PGirl and that she was "Perfect for the job and deserves to be happy at what she's doing."

I was all...well it is impressive but that doesn't look like her *at all*.

I'm an idiot.