Monday, October 08, 2007

Wings and More

This weekend found us traveling once again. We took a day trip to Buffalo. PGirl and PGirlJr. went to a bridal shower and dropped myself and GalootJr. off at the Buffalo Zoo for a few hours. Our friends who we visited in Toronto two weeks ago met us at the Zoo. Not a bad little city zoo. Weather was nice and the place wasn't packed at all.

After a brief detour to Delaware Park to watch some playground basketball, the girls picked us up and we all went to Anchor Bar - home to the original Buffalo Wing. Bottom line - wings were great, but the service was awful.

If you weren't able to catch my stunning announcement at our local high school, it should be embedded at the top of this post. If not, you may view it here.

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3carnations said...

We liked Buffalo Zoo! We went there several years ago on a weekday in mid-fall. There were probably a dozen other people there. It was great!