Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last Curtain Call

The show is over! Despite bad weather, we pulled off some really fun performances. I dare say that this year's "Nutcracker" was better all around.

Being the last day, PGirl rounded up the older Ginger Snaps for a photo op offstage. Yeah, we're some hardcore girls.

PGirl Jr. made her debut in the ballet as a mouse. While her costume was hot and cumbersome, I liked it. If only to pad out the skinny little girl who used to be such a rounded cutie. She managed to take on two toy soldiers at a time.

I hope she continues to do this. She could become pretty good if this goes on. Mouse this year, maybe an angel next year. Who knows, maybe she fill out my blouse some day!


Julia said...

I really enjoyed the ballet! Although, the terrified, little girl sitting next to me couldn't figure out what I found so amusing as I started to giggle during the Mother Ginger scene.

-R- said...

Too cute! I mean tough! You and those little ballet dancers look so tough!

monkeybrigade said...

I like that you are throwing gang signs. Makes your gang have more street cred.

Lamont said...

How did I miss the Nutcracker? Thanks for the photo updates thought. Nice to find your blog.

Galoot said...

Julia - That little girl wasn't terrified, but awe-stricken because she realized she was sitting next to voice of WRFA news.

R - We rolled a hobo after the last performance.

Monkey - We have the crediest cred that a cred would want to cred.

Tara - Like many events in Jamestown, despite loads of PR, some things fall through the cracks.

Mr. Social said...

that was the best nutcracker i ever saw.