Sunday, April 27, 2008

KY - No jelly.

The Galoots have returned from a 5 day trip to my old Kentucky home. Niece, M.I.A. was Christened on Saturday morning. Welcome to the church kiddo. The vacation was very relaxing - even the drive down and back. A few observations:
  • Things change. Two routes I revisited from my youth are heavily developed. Lots of subdivisions and the such.
  • No matter how built-up it has become, I always like driving through Cincinnati.
  • Skyline Chili makes for a tasty meal.
  • Yuengling beer travels well.
  • I miss living near some larger retails stores. While away I visited both Borders and Barnes & Noble.
  • Chuck E. Cheese abandoned the audience that built it. Kind of like MTV. What's next? Nickelodeon? Am I being childish?
  • People who hold cell phones to their ears while driving really need to get fined. Heavily. I had two of these drivers tailgate me and another cut me off in a span of a couple of hours.
  • My kids are growing up fast.
  • Babies are damned cute (inluding M.I.A. and high school friend Bryan With A "Y"'s daughter, Isabella.
  • Accountants rawk! Thanks for drinks and apps Debbie!
  • Finally, my folks are very hospitable. Big ups to the Colonel and Liz!

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