Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday, Thursday

An old fallback:

Thirteen Things I Did Or Were Done To Me Today
  1. Saw a puppet show that was partially funded by a grant I administer.
  2. Showed my puppet street cred by dropping some puppet-speak (Paul Zaloom, "The Lion King") with the puppeteers. (I did the puppet thing about ten years ago. A live show, a street show and a public access show).
  3. Walked the kids home from school.
  4. Synced the IPod with some public radio programs. "All Songs Considered" is the bomb. I'm an effin' NPR geek.
  5. Was informed that my office's emails have been blacklisted by alltel, verizon, comcast and roadrunner subscribers.
  6. Attempted to fix things by putting on my "internet technology" hat.
  7. Cooked some burgers that PGirl picked up from a swanky little grocery.
  8. Microwaved zucchini, grated cheese, sour cream, flour and water as a side.
  9. Almost sent my dog over the edge by putting a piece of hamburger inside of a chew toy.
  10. Checked up on my Yahoo, fantasy baseball team, "Spitzer's 9".
  11. Geeked out on a Stephen Malkmus and the Jick's concert on the IPod.
  12. Red a piece about The New Kids On The Block reunion.
  13. Drooled over new CD releases that showed up at my office's radio station. Including R.E.M. and The Black Keys.

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