Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Little Lost IPod

So, I can't find the IPod. I hadn't used it for most of the last week. However, I was considering using it while doing some yard work. I never did though. Last I recall, it was on a table near the door leading to the garage.

So far I've prayed to Saints Anthony and Jude. Then I tried numerology. Basically I thought of the IPod while randomly typing numbers into a database. The first results stated that the object was near water or where we keep our alcohol. I checked. Nothing in the kitchen. The next try came up with the object being where we kept our Christmas decorations. They're up in the attic and I had put some coats up there before doing the yard work. I checked. Nothing doing. Finally, the last try yielded a suggestion of a dirty place. I checked the garage. Nope.

Still looking...


Kentucky Colonel said...

I see it in a big dog with red curly hair who thought it was a biscuit.

Kentucky Colonel said...
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princess slea said...

i see it in a toy bin with some legos.

good luck.

gab has had some ipod woes himself recently. he got a new one for xmas, it froze up within a week. he got a replacement one (after a LOT of hassle), that one froze up within two days. he got a third one replaced (relatively easy that time to get it replaced).
then he put the new one in his coat pocket with a can of soda. the can sprung a leak and ruined the fourth ipod.
he is now using his original ipod nano.

Galoot said...

Haven't checked the dog's poop or the kids' toys. Maybe I should check the kids' poop and the dog's toys.