Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mate, Mates, Mistake, Lake

Part 3 - Flannery's Pub
PGirl and I ate here last August when we checked out Alamo Drafthouse's "A Christmas Story" screening. We convinced Social and Viking to go, walked across the street from the hotel and dined.

The food was Irish and Irish-American. PGirl had a grilled cheese sandwich (with tomatos and bacon) while I had a Turkey Pastrami. We both had potato cheese soup. Social ordered mussels. We all had a good mix of drinks. Social and I had Guiness blends. He went with a Black and Tan, I had a Black and Gold. PGirl had a shandy. I don't remember what Viking ate or drank. No elicit photo shoots from this leg of the excursion, I'm afraid.
Next: Part 4 - Girl Drink Drunk or How The Kids In The Hall Delivered The Goods, Mr. Social Saved A Dragonfly and Galoot Almost Followed A Somewhat Famous Musician Into A Starbucks Bathroom

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