Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Me and My Mate And My Mates At The Mistake By The Lake

PGirl, The Viking, Mr. Social and I hopped in the man-i-van and headed out to Cleveland last Saturday. After a quick stop in Erie, PA for some cheap gas, chips and soda we made the short trek in under 3 hours.

1st Stop - Museum of Contemporary Art
Here, in a somewhat deserted parking lot, PreppyGirl hopped out to visit a fellow B.O.M. (Box Office Manager), Social and Viking admired some surrounding architecture, and I exchanged 17 paintings with a Chinese man. I kid you not. I was returning the paintings to our last gallery's resident, who is a professor in nearby Youngstown. We must have looked interesting.

2nd Stop - Marriott Residence Inn
We reserved a two bedroom, two bathroom suite downtown. Old hotel. Nice hotel. Old, nice hotel with an extra little room. Viking took advantage of it first by fluffing Mr. Social's pillow.

I used the room next in an ill-fated attempt to not use our toilets in order to "go green".

Finally, Mr. Social impressed us with his best reenactment of Marilyn Monroe in "Seven Year Itch".

For some unknown reason, PGirl declined to pose for a pic.

Coming Soon! 3rd Stop - Flannery's Pub


princess slea said...

pgirl, you party pooper!
(galoot's just a pooper)

Mr. Social said...

In hindsight, the "go green" approach, may have been a better way to "go" all weekend. It turns out that Cleveland has very narrow pipes.

Viking fluffed my pillow? Or did my pillow fluff him? Either way, I wish he had worn protection... you know... just in (pillow)case.

As for Mr. Social and the "Seven Year Itch"... I understand they have an over the counter cream for that now.

Julia said...

Dear Lord.

No Words.

Correct that. PreppyGirl, you DO need to get your own room next time.

PreppyGirl said...

What Galoot didn't tell you is that he actually DID go green - in the pot. His Irish dinner from Saturday night clogged up one of our toilets Sunday morning.

Stinkypaw said...

I'm confused now! Who was the "real" party pooper? And Mr.Social, nice legs!