Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is you is? Or is you ain't?

I’ve split my thirteen into two parts today:

7 entertainments I’m supposed to like, but don’t.

6 entertainments I’m not supposed to like, but do.


1. “Boondock Saints”This film turned me off when I first read the title. It seemed to try to rip off “Reservoir Dogs”. It has recently been reissued in a special edition, and the photo in the ad of two guys with wrap-around shades, lighting their cigarettes did not appeal to me. Willem Dafoe as a gay lawman? Why? Is having him call a lover a “fag” supposed to be ironic? No thanks. Not my kind of humor. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

2. “Poolhall Junkies”
Yet another title turn-off.

3. “Clerks”/”Dogma”Okay, I really enjoyed “Clerks” when it first came out. But each subsequent viewing shows the cracks. Unfortunately, Kevin Smith still writes very awkward dialogue and frames his shots without any sense of style. “Dogma” was supposed to be edgy and make me, as a Catholic, jump back in horror. It was painful to watch someone try so hard to be controversial.

4. “Napolean Dynamite”
Jared Hess had some potential to make a quirky movie. But, dressing people in dated clothes and having them give zombie-like line readings does not make a film absurd.

5. “Punk’d”I can’t stand watching Ashton Kutcher hog up so much screen time speaking to three studio cameras in his manic style. The only bright spot: exposing some “celebrities” for the spoiled, self-centered, fake brats they really are. Travis Barker – I’m calling you out! Poseur Mohawk and all!

6. “Survivor”Why do we reward people for treating each other like crap?

7. “MadTV”
No. No. No. The middle ground between the highs of “In Living Color” and the lows of “All That”. A lot of talented improv comedians have gone through their ranks. I’ve done bad work for money too. And what the hell is up with their actors making fun of “Saturday Night Live”. I’ve seen it done on the show and heard it said on talk shows. “MadTV” would not exist if not for “SNL”.


1. “Road House”
I don’t need to say any more on this one.

2. Andy Dick
By all accounts, he’s supposed to be a raging egomaniac. But I’ve been entertained by both of his MTV shows.

3. Half of “Family Guy”Most of the flashbacks are unimaginative. But I love the audacity of some of the plot lines.

4. “The Today Show”If I’m motivated enough to be awake by 7am, this is the first thing I see on the tube. Breaking news, fashion and concerts in the plaza!

5. Music Downloads
I believe that if you’re going to listen to an artist, you should buy the whole album. Too many people turn up their noses at the start of a song because they’re not familiar with it. However, ITunes is very attractive…

6. PC’s and Macs
I love both of them. I am firmly on the fence.


princess slea said...

Never seen the first two mentions. I don't remember much about Clerks and I didn't realize Dogma was supposed to be a "controversial" movie. I thought it was just a no brainer movie for a rainy Saturday afternoon. I totally agree with you on N. Dynamite (I didn't get the fuss), and Ashton Kutcher needs to get over himself. I did however think the parody that Justin Timberlake did of him on SNL was hilarious (replacing Christina Aquilera's birthcontrol pills and saying "You're Pregnant!" "You got PUNK'D".
I think Andy Dick has always been funny. I didn't know it wasn't cool to like him. I LOVED NewsRadio (Damn you BrynnHartman, Damn you to HELL). Remember Andy Dick making out with Trishell from Real World? EEk.

Galoot said...

Amen sister-woman.

3carnations said...

I liked Napoleon Dynamite. I kind of saw it against my will; someone told hubby it was good and he insisted on getting it from Netflix...but it was quirky, and I like that.

MadTV- Some of it's too over the top for me, but my 2 favorite characters of all time - Stuart and Antonia

I like the Family Guy, too. Particularly Stewie!

-R- said...

I hate Mad TV. Hate Hate Hate.

I liked Napoleon Dynamite though.

PreppyGirl said...

Well, you know I hate MadTV too. I think I saw something on there ONCE that made me laugh. Every once in a while I'll turn it on if I see it on the program guide, just to give it another chance. It has yet to change my mind.

I definitely hate shows like Punk'd where someone is causing intentional distress to someone else just for a laugh (kinda why Ali G. and those Daily Show interviews, while funny, make me squirm).

Andy Dick is fairly hilarious. Especially that Christina Aguilera's cousin character he plays; pee-my-pants funny.

Guinness_Girl said...

So many things to comment on...but I will reduce it to just one:

Napolean Dynamite sucked elephant ass.

Peace out, brother.