Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ten Years Gone

After breakfast this morning, while the kids played, Pgirl and I alternately read the newspaper and watched a movie on the Independent Film Channel. "Walking and Talking", stars Anne Heche and Catherine Keener as two women in NYC who are preparing for one of their weddings. The soundtrack featured a few songs from albums that I owned. The film came out in 1996 and it set me to thinking about that year - which was a big one for me. So I have put a CD on from that year (Joe Henry’s “Trampoline”) to set the mood. Feel free to appropriate this...

A Decade Ago

1. Where were you living?
A two bedroom rental house in Lake Worth, Florida. I split the rent with my grad school roommate, Megan. Some kids broke into the house and robbed it a few weeks into our lease.
2. What type of work were you doing? Lots of stuff. I stopped working at Liberties Book Store in Boca Raton and began working at Borders Books and Music in Boynton Beach. I also built a set for “Bye, Bye Birdie” and got my first professional acting job in “Come Blow Your Horn”.
3. What kind of vehicle did you drive? 1993 Toyota pickup truck. It had no model name, though it eventually became the Tacoma. The official color was Forest Green, but my wife insists it was gray. Some friends of mine dubbed it “Truck”.
4. What were your hobbies? I began mountain biking at some parks in Broward county. There weren’t any mountains in South Florida, but there were some pretty cool trails.
5. Which movies stick out in your mind? “Independence Day” and “The Rock”. Both were really crappy movies that stole liberally from previous blockbusters. I saw “ID4” twice in the theater – the second time because our power went out in the house and we needed to sit in some air conditioning. Unfortunately, “The Rock” helped give Michael Bay a career.
6. What music did you listen to? I listened to Beck’s “Odelay” a lot. Syd Straw had a pretty good record out that year.
7. What was your favorite television program? The “X-Files” was really hitting its stride. “The Simpsons” ruled. I think “The Daily Show” debuted that year too.
8. Were you dating anyone? I spent most of the 1st half of the year with a woman who was my first serious adult relationship. It ended badly with her knowing it was over well before I did. I was pathetic during our last time out together. It wasn’t a date, but more of a group thing that involved a Sting/Natalie Merchant concert, a lot of beer and a lot of moping by me. After a short, but agonizing depression, I rocketed into my “Bastard Period” for several months.
9. What do you remember from the news? The Olympic bomber in Atlanta. Kentucky winning the NCAA tournament. Clinton getting re-elected.
10. What was a memorable experience you had? A four day period in November which started with me fooling around with an actress from my first play and ended up with me fooling around with one of the managers at Borders. Both dalliances ended amicably and I began to believe in my dating abilities once again.


Stinkypaw said...

Time flies doesn't it?!

Read like you were a real "nice" guy in the 90s - love the "rocketed into my Bastard Period" - about the same time I became a bitch with attitude! ;-D

And in that time period the "X-Files" was THE show to watch!

Interesting post!

PreppyGirl said...

So glad you went through your Bastard period before you met me! ;)

-R- said...

You had to throw in the Kentucky fact, huh!

Galoot said...


I loved watching the "X-Files" on Friday nights. Alone...


The Bastard Period ended when I met you.


The 1996 Championship still pales in comparison to the loss to Duke in 1992. Challenge: Without looking it up on the internet, can you tell me the city the '92 game was played in and what the name of the arena was? Can you???!!!!

-R- said...

The Metrodome in Minneapolis? I have no idea. I am too honest.

-R- said...

I JUST LOOKED IT UP, AND I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galoot said...


Apparently that henna ink got into your bloodstream! The final game of that tournament was in Mary Tyler Moore-land. Duke and Kentucky played in the semi-finals in Philly at the Spectrum. I'll give you some slack because it sounds like H is a big galoot like me. How tall is he anyway?

-R- said...

Oh, Galoot, I refer you to this page:'s_Division_I_Basketball_Tournament


Also, my husband is 6'5". (Or so he says. He may actually be 6'4".)