Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Morning After

Preppygirl's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated in grand fashion. My mother, Eileen, took the kiddoes on around noon and kept them overnight. Having the house to ourselves, we behaved like energetic newlyweds - and cleaned the place.

Let the drinking begin!
Preppygirl clobbered the indoors whilst I humiliated our yard.

Galoot - Yuengling Black & Tan

After some heavy vacuuming, Pgirl hit the mall to find a new top for the evening. I stayed behind to tackle the computer area and take a shower.

Galoot - another B&T

We hit Southern Tier Brewing (just a few short miles from the house) for some new brews, a tour and some barroom monologues by a board member of the arts council I work for. Fun was had by all.

Pgirl and Galoot - 1 each - Hop-Sun Brew and Cherry Wheat

Next we headed for our favorite hipster restaurant, Forte, for din-din. Unfortunately, after hosting a rehearsal-dinner the night before and the current slate of diners, the kitchen had run out of food. It was 9:30, so we had to act quickly. We made a bee-line for The Pub and ate a Caesar Salad, Veggie Lasagna and Stuffed Shells.

Pgirl - 1 glass of Pinot Grigiot
Galoot - 1 glass of Merlot

Our hungers sated, we returned to Forte for drinks. Mr. Social and Ian soon joined us and we had fun catching up with some of the other patrons. Mr. Social and I began to pine for Steely Dan songs, but could only come up with fragments of tunes. After getting stuck on a Donald Fagen solo tune, I ran upstairs to my work office and printed the lyrics to "New Frontier". We tried to orchestrate a sing-along in the bar, but no one bit.

Pgirl and Galoot - 1 bottle of Pinot Evil
Pgirl - a glass of a wine she can't remember
Galoot - a very dry martini with 3 large queen olives

Around midnight, our crew of four (and some stragglers from Forte) trekked a few blocks to close out the Wine Cellar. Things just got sillier here. The drinks flowed and so did the electronic darts. Team Cricket was the game and we were loud and obnoxious. I put $5 into the CD jukebox and programmed all 18 songs from The Clash's "London Calling". Pgirl picked 7 more tunes for her birthday. It was 1:30 in the morning before our music started playing and the darts raged on. The bar let us hang out until 2:15 before showing us the door.

Pgirl - glass of white wine (from a box) and an imported beer in a bottle
Galoot - 1 gin & tonic and a Phin & Matt Brew from Southern Tier

Finally, our gang of four rolled over to Aldo's for a late night/early morning of breakfast and prank calls. Brother Tim will has a lot of voice mails to listen to. By night's end, we were discussing "The Young Ones" and laughing our asses off.

It was a good time.


-R- said...

I am glad you guys had so much fun! You sound fun to hang out with, and I appreciate the listing of drinks imbibed. Did you get preppygirl anything for her bday besides the fun times and many many drinks?

princess slea said...

...and drunk dialing Princess somewhere around midnight. Oddly enough, yours wasn't the only call we had at that hour. my mother was calling for gab to take my stepdad to the hospital. timing.

Galoot said...

Pgirl received a Drew Barrymore 3 pack (Ever After, Never Been Kissed and Fever Pitch) and a Bissell Turbo Vacuum cleaner. Apparently it works better on our downstairs parquet floor than our current one.

What ended up happening with him?

princess slea said...

he was in congestive heart falilure, a condition he has had for several years. they admitted him and are still doing tests to determine what they'll do next.

Stinkypaw said...

Read like you guys had a real good time! ...and no entry about the day after headaches, impressive!

PreppyGirl said...

3 days later, I think I'm still hungover. Ugh.

favor8 said...

wasn't that an episode of robot chicken?