Saturday, June 03, 2006

Guilty Pleasures of Mine

1. For Better or For Worse – The Comic Strip
This one is sentimental as they come. I’ve grown up with this strip and love how the characters have aged in real time. FBFW doesn’t tackle social issues as much as it plays flag football with them.

2. Steely Dan
Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have been churning out light rock hits since I was in diapers. I still don’t get all the references in their lyrics – but I rarely turn the dial when one of their songs is on the radio.

3. Road House
Look a couple of blogs below.

4. The Cosby Show
Man I wish I had been a Huxtable.

5. Peanut Butter On A Spoon
Preppygirl is sure to chime in on this one. When I crave a late-night snack but don’t want to prepare much, this hits the spot. Be sure to clean the spoon afterwards to destroy the evidence.


Greg said...

Steely Dan... DEFINITELY. There have been several times where I've been at a music store, picked up a Steely Dan CD with the intention to buy, and then suddenly snap back into reality, putting it back down, shuddering, looking around to see if anyone saw me pick it up. I put my head down, walk out of the store, and cry in the car for twenty minutes...

Um... too much information? Well, anyway, I agree.

And I like your blog.

Galoot said...

The Dan often invokes that kind of reaction in people...

PreppyGirl said...

Yes, I often go to make PB&J for the kids, only to find a LOT less PB than I was expecting. An extra tip to hide the dirty deed, use a knife to make tracks in the peanut butter. A smooth surface is always the sign of a spoon wielding Galoot!

-R- said...

Another good peanut butter treat: get a spoonful of peanut butter and then eat a little cup of chocolate pudding, eating a little bit of peanut butter with each spoonful of pudding. That sounds really weird. But it is good.

-R- said...

You need to add Kentucky basketball as a guilty pleasure. (I am implying that you should be embarrassed to root for UK, in case you can't tell.)

Galoot said...