Friday, June 09, 2006

The Thursday 13 - On Friday!

1. Today was the last day of classes at my school. The principal was trying to convince me to buy a house down the street from here. Sadly, I must be going…
2. I might watch some of the MTV Movie Awards. Might.
3. One of my improv students was listening to some streaming audio on a school computer. I told him to check out The revolution has begun.
4. My nose hairs need clipping.
5. I was given a going-away gift of a blanket with the school logo on it. Then, my name was pulled for a door prize. The only remotely appealing item was a St. Benedict crucifix on a chain. I broke the last cross and chain I had, so I figured, “What the heck?”. When I got back to my table, I realized the chain would be more like a choker for me. I don’t have a thatch of chest hair for it to sit upon, nor do I resemble Scott Baio. I’ll give it to one of the kids.
6. Aren’t there bigger issues than gay marriage to be tackling right now? And which people “have spoken”?
7. I need to take my old office posters to my new office.
8. Every office space has one of those “talky guys” who stop by when you’re working to chat about nothing in particular. Ours just made an appearance. He was interested in purchasing a keyboard stand to use as a golf bag holder. Gotta love it.
9. My nose hairs still need clipping.
10. These scissors should help.
11. Much better!
12. I can leave soon.
13. I’m bringing my dog in to work tomorrow.


3carnations said...

Um...Are those scissors being left for whoever has your office next? =)

Galoot said...

They've already been disinfected!

Stinkypaw said...

what about your ears? Do they need clipping as well? =^..^=

Galoot said...

Not yet, but my dog's ears could use a trim.

PreppyGirl said...

Poor Galoot. When you're 6'7" EVERYONE can see up your nose. If the ear hair ever comes I will make SURE he trims it daily. Eeeww.

-R- said...

This is not at all in response to your post, but I wanted to tell you that on our flight to San Francisco this weekend, H rented a DigePlayer thing from the airline and watched "The Ringer." I made him watch the credits to see Bill Chott's name. Now that I have written this, I am not sure why you would care, but I am going to post this anyway.