Thursday, June 22, 2006

13 Items Regarding This Link

Watch this before reading ahead:

Meet Bob Chautauqua

1. This is a video my improv troupe made to promote the county we live in.
2. All five of the troupe members contributed to the project:
- Jane and Mr. Social (Preppygirl’s brother) work for the company backing the project and came up with all of the locations and the scripted segments.
- Kip handled all of the taping duties and worked with Mr. Social on the edit.
- Ian played Isaac, the Amish guy who walks into some of the shots. Jane plays the woman on the park bench.
- Both Jane and Mr. Social did the additional voiceovers.
3. All of us contributed to the direction of the piece.
4. Bob is a character I made up while goofing on the idea of an area spokesperson, a few years ago.
5. I forgot the fake moustache on one of the taping days. In those shots, Bob's back is turned or his face is obscured by an object.
6. I've had to do Bob's moustache with a make-up pencil and an eyelash brush when the real thing wasn't available.
7. Two lakes were featured - Erie and Chautauqua.
8. Welch’s Grape Juice (courtesy of Mr. Lincoln) still has operations in our area.
9. Some of the cutting room floor stuff included Bob’s interaction with a dog and a goose.
10. Bob’s dialect is my heightened version of a Great Lakes dialect.
11. Major Kong (our production moniker) is an offshoot of the Guests which focuses on scripted and recorded material.
12. I work in the building above the marquee featured in the video.
13. The long-haired man Bob shakes hands with is founding 10,000 Maniac, Dennis Drew (And my tenuous connection -r- !)


-R- said...

Woo hoo! You know how I am a sucker for tenuous connections to celebrities!

I enjoyed the video, and recognized you immediately from the card your daughter made you. =)

princess slea said...

that is freaking hilarious.

Galoot said...

Ladies - Thank you for the compliments. I'll pass them along to the troupe! As I type this, I can see Dennis through my office door...

PreppyGirl said...

Disclaimer - while I appreciate the "heightened great lakes accent," neither Galoot nor I actually speak like that. He'll never admit it but he actually kinda sounds like he's from Long Island (he spent some formative years there in his childhood) and both his parents are Long Islanders. You know the type, instead of Pajamas he says "Pa - jaaaahhhh - mas" and instead of horror he says "Harr-er" and "Harr-ible." At least he's not saying "Huge" with a silent "H" (like the Donald - YUUUUGE). That's annoying.

Anyway, I digress. The video's pretty funny and if you watched it you now have a better idea of the place we call home. (It's a lot like Minnesota -r-; lotsa little lakes and TONS of swedes) We love it!