Thursday, April 26, 2007

Glorious Food

Ingloriously Ripped From Jenny at Mama Drama

1- Can you cook? If yes, do you like to cook?
I can cook and I love it. I'm getting better at cleaning as I go.

2 - When does your whole family come together to eat?
Usually everyone is at the table 4-5 times a week.

3 - What do you have for breakfast?
Breakfast bar or bowl of cereal most of the week. Sometimes a bagel with salmon, cream cheese and capers from Timothy's. Big breakfast (bacon, eggs, etc.) once a week.

4 - How often do you eat out?
Once a week.

5 - How often do you order-in or take-away?
Once a week (alternates with #4).

6 - Re: 5 & 6 - If money was no question, would you like to do it more often?
Not necessarily. If money wasn't a question, I'd probably cook more.

7- Are there any quarrels because of food?
PGirl Jr. is notoriously picky. I have a thin skin sometimes when cooking breakfast.

8 - Are you vegetarian or can you imagine living vegetarian?
I could be a vegetarian. Just a matter of finding what you like.

9 - What would you like to try out that you haven't dared yet?
Beef Tartar.

10 - Would you rather cook or bake?
Cook. I'll bake once we get a stand mixer.

11 - What do your kids like to eat best? What would your kids never eat?
They like mac and cheese, pizza, some pasta. They don't like certain vegetables.

12 - What do you dislike most?
Processed American cheese slices.

13-what are you hungry for right now? Sushi.


TheMick said...

Processed American cheese slices.
I can't stand those.

Julia said...

Steak tartar just tastes like really rare steak. I would rather eat sushi, but it wasn't bad.

Mmm. Sushi.

PreppyGirl said...

I'M picky? You don't like cheese slices. Who doesn't freaking like cheese slices? Just you and the Mick I gather. I'm not saying I LOVE cheese slices but I wouldn't refuse to use them to make my food cheesey in the absence of real cheese. To quote Galoot, "I will NOT put processed cheese food on my children's spaghetti. That's digusting." You weren't even going to be the one eating it!!! And - news flash - the kids LIKE IT.

Another list of Galoot's food dislikes:
Squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, ANYTHING GENERIC.

My dislikes:

How does that make me picky?

Food snob.

Momma Hen said...

I can't believe you have a problem with cheese slices, but you like sushi??????? Weird.

Tweedyfan said...

"You won't accrpt a guys tongue in your mouth but you will eat that?"

Sorry Breakfast Club needed to be quoted after that last posted comment...
Couldn't help it, it just came in my head.