Thursday, April 05, 2007

Keeping It Real

Movie boyfriends? Movie girlfriends? Have all of you blogesses gone insane? If you're going to crush on a media personality, at least choose real people and not characters on the silver screen. I present to you:

Eight Of My Television News Girlfriends

  1. Ann Curry - She's exotic and reads the news really well. Plus, she's vulnerable from losing the "Today" anchor job to Meredith. I'm here for you Ann.
  2. Robin Meade - Finally, CNN has put her name on the morning show she does. You rock my world Robin.
  3. Chris Jansing - She kind of looks like a manga character, but since her hair has grown out, it kind of balance out her features. MSNBC stands for My Super Nubile Broadcasting Crush.
  4. Campbell Brown - She must be like, 6 feet 2 inches or something. Sort of tomboyish. Lenny likes!
  5. Jodi Applegate - Whatever ever became of...? Jodi was like a shorter, more wholesome version of Campbell. She rocked my weekend "Today" visits.
  6. Natalie Morales - Muy caliente!
  7. Maryalice Demler - Our Buffalo NBC co-anchor. Former beauty queen, though she doesn't flaunt it. The only brunette with frosted tips that keeps the crunch in my cereal.
  8. Hannah Storm - Emigrated from the sporting news world into that crapfest at CBS. Hannah, you can join my morning news team any day!
And Five Who Missed The Cut:
  1. Katie Couric - You used to be cute, but the blond dye has affected your look for the worse. You should really consult someone in wardrobe.
  2. Jodi Johnston- Another morning person from Buffalo. The clothes she chooses have done her in.
  3. Meredith Viera - I lusted after you on "West 57th" years ago. But "The View" showed some sides of you I'm just not crazy for. Sorry.
  4. Connie Chung - You chose Maury over me. Whatev.
  5. Soledad O'Brien - We could have had something.


princess slea said...

um....uh....yeah. they are like trannys.

-R- said...

How is Jodi Applegate on both lists?

H also has a crush on Ann Curry. Every time he sees her on TV, he says, "That Ann Curry is one spicy dish."

Galoot said...

PSlea - Seriously? That is the best you can come up with?

R - Sorry, Jodi Johnston. I guess I really do miss Applegate! Maybe H and I can meet in Rockefeller Plaza and hold up "I Love Ann Curry" signs. Shirtless.

TheMick said...

I'm a bit partial to the CBS Early Show- Hannah Storm, Julie Chen and my favorite Tracy Smith(sat Early Show)

princess slea said...

what, no Greta VanSusteren?!

PreppyGirl said...

I don't even know who half these women are. You are a geek.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Jodi Applegate