Friday, February 08, 2008

The Future of Tomorrow

I must be an internet addict because I continue to be astounded by how people new to the technology handle it.

An internet hoax made it to Jamestown's local music forum yesterday. Turns out when a volunteer fireman (disguised as a policeman in an unmarked car) turns on the light on top of his Honda Civic to pull you over and rape you, a quick call to #77 won't necessarily put you in touch with a police dispatcher.

Here's another tip. If you do join discussions on these amazing things called "forums", someone might not necessarily share your opinion on the matter at hand. A local real-life soap opera is sputtering along here in Lucy's hometown. When I tried to chime in, my ass was handed to me.
I used my real name on this one. And if you don't know it already, you can find another man who borrowed it famously right here.

Knowing the internet doesn't exempt you from wasting yours and other people's time with it. Loads of people seem to upload the same video clip to YouTube ad-nauseum. A simple Google check would tell you that many folks have already discovered a clip and have shared it with the world. Some young filmmakers have even recut films with edits they feel were better than the original.

I'm not above this either. I recently discovered live chats in Scrabulous and Gmail. Who knew?

Some pioneers of this genre (pre-interweb) are my Aunt Janet who told me a Carol Channing story once removed from the source. And my 8th grade music teacher who once told me an encounter her friend had with Eddie Murphy.

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monkeybrigade said...

Internets are serious business. Especially when it involves people from the same geographic area. It makes soccer moms rave like drunken sailors without inhibitions.

Also, I love Lucy.