Friday, March 21, 2008

The Madness: Part 1

The most memorable opening days of March Madness occurred about 14 years ago. Due to an accident I had, falling into my apartment's stair well (long story), I was laid up for a long weekend with contusions. On the first day of the injury, I was to remain awake in order to ward off any possible concussion after-effects. Luckily, this fell on the opening of the national championship tournament. To date, this was the only time I've ever seen all of the televised games of the opening round.

You know you're a tournament junkie when the manager of your favorite watering hole has your father-in-law call you 30 minutes before tip-off to ensure you've gotten your bracket in.

My Wine Cellar Bracket:

I'm also 12 for 16 for Thursday's games in the bracket above. For clarification, my wins are highlighted, my losses are stricken through with the actual winners circled. The strike-throughs in the sweet 16 and beyond are last minute changes I made before submitting the bracket. I'm two games better in my Yahoo Bracket.


-R- said...

I am not winning any pools this year, I think. My Blue Devils certainly sucked this year, but I had them losing in the 3rd round anyway.

Slacker Viking said...

Is that some kind of roadmap that leads you to the homes of the elusive letter people?