Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow Day Like Today

The nasty snow that walloped Ohio hit us with its eastern edge from Friday through early this morning, leaving almost a foot of the white stuff. We lucked out, as PGirlJr’s ballet and religious education classes were cancelled. The extra time was used to clean the floors and kitchen (in preparation for our St. Patrick’s party next weekend), do laundry, watch television and eat off-schedule. As the first dusk of daylight savings time approached, we headed out to a park on the south side to take the kids sledding.

PGirl and I are awful parents, because this is the first time we’ve taken the kids for some honest-to-goodness, hill-shredding sledding. Some things we learned today:

  1. There is no simpler way to glide down a finely packed hill than on a molded piece of plastic. We took the Hudsucker route and chose roundly (“You know, for kids!”).
  2. My son has no fear. He proved this as he not only climbed up some park steps with his disc in tow, but also promptly turned around at the top and sledded down them.
  3. The more weight you have, the longer you’ll travel. We Galoots performed two tandem runs by linking to each other through a tangle of limbs and the grabbed edges of our cheap plastic vehicles. We must have looked like one of those Japanese cartoon teams, whose members operate individual vehicles which combine to form bigger vehicles or robot warriors.
  4. Texas Hots taste real good after sledding.


Mick said...

We saw about 8-12 inches from Friday to Mid-day Saturday. As you know thats quite a bit for the Tri-state. The local stations called it a blizzard.

princess slea said...

sounds like FUN

monkeybrigade said...

Texas hots taste good after anything.