Thursday, August 31, 2006

All That Jazz

You asked for it - r – you got it! From Pgirl and Galoots nups.
I’ll use nicknames to protect the innocent…

Left to right:
Stepbrudder Allen, Mr. Social, Duder, Brother Tim, Richard Roundtree, The Galoot (kneeling), Jimmy McJamestown, Scarface, Favor8 (with Bubba teeth) and Chibbs.


princess slea said...

and you wonder why the neighbors think you're a homosexual?

PreppyGirl said...

Stepbrudder Allen and Brother Tim? No one will ever guess what their REAL names are.

I believe there is a pic of the bride with all the guys doing jazz hands too. Apparently, we thought that was particularly funny that day. Other "overdone" jokes from our wedding include the Billy Bob teeth (which snuck into several pictures), shouting "TIMMAH!!" from south park and calling my dad "the mayor" because he knows everyone in town. I recall our best man telling my dad, "Dropping your name around town is like dropping a 50 dollar bill." Ahh, memories.

princess slea said...

One of my personal favorite memories from your wedding is the "curtain door of silence" at the cabin. I keep picturing M.E. "slamming" the curtain shut and all the drunks in the living room in total silence. Then when she went back into her room (behing the curtain) they all busted out laughing like she couldn't hear them through the curtain. Oh shit that was funny.

-R- said...

Ha! You are the least-gay-looking person in that picture!

Prep, your wedding sounds like it was so much fun!