Friday, August 25, 2006

Beyond The Door

Yesterday afternoon found my co-worker, Grady and myself looking at the store fronts on the street below our offices. One of our tenants is moving across third street and their vacated space will be converted into a small performance space soon. We were brainstorming ways to change the facade of this particular building when Grady suggested we check out another store front.

The Palace Gallery is on the right side of our theatre lobby and used to be part of the operation. This fall, it will be remodeled to be an expansion of the box office and lobby. Grady took me to the basement to show me something. Occupying several closets were several boxes full of old newsletters, brochures, etc.

A few of the boxes held videotapes of short comic films from the 1990's. Our city is the hometown of Lucille Ball and every year there are two festivals held in her honor. A decade ago, the festival revolved more around comedy and there were screenings of short films.

I grabbed a few tapes to bring home, because I recognized some names as people from Second City. P-Girl and I sat down to watch one entitled "Beyond The Door". To our delight, it featured Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert from "Strangers With Candy" (and, of course, "The Colbert Report"). If any of you are fans, I suggest tracking this one down and watching it.

Maybe I can get it on YouTube...


-R- said...

Very cool!

PreppyGirl said...

It was VERY funny. We'll have to try transferring it to digital for an upload. :)