Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anarchy In The U.K. - Fourfecta!

Yes, I have officially made the celebrity fourfecta!

Okay, I forced this one, but it was worth it. Tonight, I accompanied six of my students to see an hour long comedy-video-music-satire with Harry Shearer and his wife, Judith Owen. It was kind of like his radio program "Le Show".

I spoke to him after the performance. He was very gracious. Small clubs are the best places to catch celebrities - postshow.

In case you don't know, Harry Shearer is probably most famous for his voice work on "The Simpsons" - playing Principal Skinner, Rev. Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers. He also played bass-player, Derek Smalls in "Spinal Tap".

My fourfecta includes Shearer, Carey Lowell, Mike McShane and James Carville.

That is all for today!


PreppyGirl said...

Umm... you might want to activate the password function on your comments!

You rock so hard. Harry Shearer? Dang. I "heard" Michael York lecturing today but I did not actually see him. You are way ahead of me now!

-R- said...

How cool that you got to talk to him!

princess slea said...