Thursday, August 24, 2006

In The Cradle

My dad reads my blog and P-girl's to keep up with Galoot family fun. I haven't posted in a while, (which he reminded me of last night), so, in honor of the big man's birthday...13 Things About The Biggest Galoot!

1. He has the exact same name as me. I'm not a junior or a "second".
2. He worked several years for the Gap and is married to my very cool stepmother, who also works for that company. Needless to say, the whole family (right down to Galoot Jr., P-Girl2 and the Wonder Twins - stepbro's kiddoes) has been decked out in classic clothing for over 30 years.
3. He is a very generous man who continues to offer advice, moolah and love as needed.
4. He is a tall man, clocking in at 6'4".
5. He comes from a large Irish/Italian family from New York.
6. He worked as a bouncer in Long Island back in the day.
7. He once concocted an alcoholic drink he dubbed "Joy Juice".
8. His speciality in the workforce was management. He's very good at working with people.
9. In more civilized times, he was in a street gang called "The Deli Boys". By "civilized", I mean they didn't kill people and they existed in the '60's.
10. Many meals in the '80's were accompanied by stories of his adventures with his younger brother, Tugboat. They were kind of like Twain's Huck and Finn, except they played lacrosse and lived on the east coast. Very funny stuff!
11. In the mid-eighties at Christmas time, Dad once brought home a video gaming system that had just been released (the company he worked for owned a toy store chain). We'd been making due with an old Atari and a Texas Instruments computer. But this one quickly took hold of us and never let go. It was an NES!
12. Much of his humor has been instilled in me. I take more risks in performance because of the examples he set.
13. His name was appropriated by a singer in the 1960's who is famous for a hit song about...math.

Happy Birthday Pop!


3carnations said...

A gang called The Deli Boys? First thing I think of is a bunch guys throwing lunch meat at each other.

-R- said...

Happy birthday, Biggest Galoot!

I thought you were automatically a junior if your dad had exactly the same name. I didn't realize it was a title you had to be given. Interesting!

PreppyGirl said...

I'm with 3C - I am imagining salami sword fights and egg cremes on the face.

We love big Galoot!

Stinkypaw said...

First, welcome back to posting!

Second, a very happy birthday to The Biggest Galoot!

P.S. Nice post about your dad!