Friday, September 08, 2006

This Be The Day

Dennis Drew - Maniac!

The building is all abuzz today. Tonight, the 10,000 Maniacs will be performing a 25th anniversary concert in our civic center. John Sebastian of "The Lovin' Spoonful" is performing with them. For those of you not in the know, original singer Natalie Merchant left the band several years ago. The most recent vocalist, Oskar Saville of "Rubygrass" is performing with the group tonight. She has a powerful voice and a playful stage presence. Should be a good show! PGirl and I will be in the balcony and at a pre-show party downstairs at Forte!

Concurrently, our county has been dealing with an escaped fugitive, Ralph "Bucky" Phillips. This dude was serving 90 days on a parole violation when he used a can opener to break out of the jail kitchen he was working in. He had less than a month to go, but was unaware of this.

Bucky Phillips - Maniac?

Since escaping he has:
- allegedly shot a cop in the stomach
- robbed a gun store
- robbed several hunting cabins
- allegedly ambushed two cops with a hunting rifle (one is in critical condition, the other has died from his injury)
- taken refuge with family and friends throughout our region of New York and Pennsylvania

It is very easy to travel throughout the county and into PA without hitting main roads. The state troopers have over 100 men and women on each shift, searching, setting up roadblocks, arresting Bucky's boarders, etc. But the dude stays free. Sad thing is, several folks around here hate the cops and are keeping Bucky on the lam.

Bucky made the FBI's top ten yesterday.

Dateline NBC is supposed to be around today to cover the whole mess and one of our county executives is trying to get them to tape some of the Maniacs show and some of our other culture. All to make sure Chautauqua County doesn't come off looking like some hayseed, backwoods area.

We'll see...


PreppyGirl said...

Where did you get that picture of Dennis? Does he read your blog?

Galoot said...

I told him about it. He's cool.