Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Wedding of Jimmy McJamestown and Marsha

1. Jimmy married Marsha on September 24, 2005 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
2. Due to financial constraints, PGirl did not attend (and she was sorely missed).
3. I discovered a margarita made from Blood Oranges. Very tasty!
4. I attached several cans to the back of the newlywed’s rental car with dental floss and shoe laces. All items were found by, or purchased from various hotel staff where everyone was staying.
5. The priest was very old and had a memory lapse on the day of the wedding. He never showed.
6. Jimmy’s future brothers-in-law and myself sped about town in a desperate search for a replacement priest – tuxes and all!
7. We finally found a deacon who agreed to perform the service.
8. The tuxes were very classy.
9. Mrs. McJamestown had a dispute with the hotel regarding the open bar that was quickly resolved.
10. Jimmy and Marsha danced to Wilco’s “Far, Far Away”. Beautiful song and beautiful couple.
11. Among the well wishers were the founder of Harvey Finklestein’s Sock Puppet Theatre. Jimmy was a cast member of that company’s production of “Showgirls”. Featuring puppets. I kid you not.
12. Journey’s “Separate Ways” was the last song played at the reception before everyone was shooed back to their rooms.
13. Jimmy took Marsha for a hot-air balloon ride the morning after to begin the honeymoon.


princess slea said...

it was my privilage to get to see Harvey Finkelstein's puppets perform a show about televangelists (can't recall the title) but it was hilarious. One of the people in our party said at a quiet moment during the show "that is some funny shit."
we proceeded with jimmy mcjamestown to a bar in old town and got completely shitfaced and our group was mistaken for the cast of second city. we got home as the sun was rising.

PreppyGirl said...

I was sad about missing these nups for sure!

Galoot was once mistaken for a famous comedian while we were at a bar in Florida. A guy asked for his autograph, and we had no idea who he thought Galoot was - so Galoot scribbled a name and let the guy take a picture. For some reason I'm thinking the guy said something about Saturday Night Live. Funny stuff.

TheMick said...

So does jimmy mcjamestown still frequent the teete bars often.

Stinkypaw said...

Almost sounds like ideas for a movie script or something... Cool!

-R- said...

I want to see a funny sock puppet show!

Dan'l Boone said...

Way to save the day you big galoot! Jimmy was working for one classy company. He's really moving down in the world.