Wednesday, May 24, 2006

15 Things I Liked About College

I stole this one from R
1. Wearing flannel, a ball cap, cut off khakis and sneakers to breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. No shower!
2. Sleeping alone and sleeping in.
3. Waking up with someone after sleeping in.
4. Decorating the dorm wing for a Christmas contest. Trey Worthy made a Christmas tree on a wall out of pictures of Morrissey.
5. $1 Miller Genuine Drafts at the only bar in town.
6. 5 hour road trips to Omaha to see my girlfriend’s parents.
7. Watching Letterman at 10:30 at night (CST).
8. Playing CD’s all day.
9. Writing papers on my cool-ass word processor.
10. Everything I needed was a 5-minute walk from my room.
11. Deserted campuses on the weekend.
12. Sitting in the window.
13. Making mix tapes.
14. Playing Nintendo.
15. Singing lyrics to the song the guy next door was strumming on his guitar.


PreppyGirl said...

Your habits haven't changed much I'll have to say.


-R- said...

Hey, I still do the no shower and go out in public on the weekends sometimes. Is that bad?

And I am from Omaha! But I am pretty sure that I was not your girlfriend.

Galoot said...

Hello -r-,

Let's try the whole "small world" thing. Without giving her full identity away, the girlfriend was named Sara, she was about 5' tall and she is probably about 34 years old now. If any of those hit, post another comment!

-R- said...

That's my sister! Just kidding, but wouldn't that be cool?