Monday, May 15, 2006

Of mop tops and spectacles

I remarked to PreppyGirl tonight about how big our daughter's eyes seem in her new glasses. PreppyGirl said she kind of looks like Robbie Rist (a.k.a. Cousin Oliver of the Brady Bunch). She threw in Paul Williams to boot. Kate is the one with the doll. You decide:


-R- said...

Your daughter is way cuter than the other two, and her glasses are not nearly as big. I do have to give you credit for having a picture of Cousin Oliver on your blog though. =)

Galoot said...

I figure that Robbie Rist's haircut would destroy all three Lawrence brothers' hairdos combined.

PreppyGirl said...

I'll have to say, she looks a lot more like these two with her hair down.

You are a bad daddy, making fun of your daughter (although, I guess I did provide the material). Just kidding. She's the cutest (and only) spectacled kid in her class!