Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Agony of The Feet

As many of you know, PGirl's parallel sister, Princess is staying with us this weekend. He daughter and son have come along too and we're having a grand time.

Last night, PGirl hosted a "Body Shop" party for Princess. The only folks who showed up were Mr. Social, Mrs. Social and a gal from PGirl's place of work. I made feta garlic dip, bean dip and bruschetta. The ladies brought some wine home along with the groceries.

Mr. Social's daughter brought the kiddoe total to 5 and the two men were tasked with buying happy meals for shorty dinner. I figured that when we got back, the two of us would play with the kids and keep them away from the party. I was wrong.

Upon my return, I found the kids corraled into the back room.

In the living room, there were plastic basins filled with warm water. Five were ready for fresh feet, yet there were only 3 women who were there to be soaked. Princess doesn't count because she coordinates the whole affair. The extra basins were meant for myself and Mr. Social.

So, we did what any red-blooded, straight, American husbands would do to show our power over our wives.

We rolled up our jeans and took the plunge.

Mr. Social made a very good analogy. A Body Shop party is a lot like getting fleeced by a con-artist in the movies. The mark is led into a compromising situation where he is unclothed, tied up and ready to party. When it looks like the fun stuff is going to begin, the con takes the clothes and the guy's wallet and beats it out of there. The only differences are you lose your shoes here and you part with your money more willingly.

All kidding aside, it was pretty cool to get the foot treatment. After the lotion rub down, Mr. Social and I were sent from the room to watch the kids. I can only assume that this is the point in the evening where money changes hands.


3carnations said...

Will you get your pedicure on a separate occasion? =p

Just teasing...Very nice that you guys willingly participate with the wives.

Stinkypaw said...

A lot of "red-blooded, straight, American husbands" would have walked away - you guys were good husbands plus you enjoyed the foot rub and a glass of wine next to your wife! How sweet is that!

princess slea said...

admit it, your feet STILL feel good!

The funniest part was when Galoot got up to do something and I had already emtied his water tub. Preppygirl wanted a photo for the blog so we took Mrs. Social's tub and when Galoot came back we had him put his feet in it (for the picture effects).
When I had taken the photo I told him to take his feet out so I could dump the water and he wondered which "step" in the process that was. He didn't know it was just his sister in law's dirty foot water!!

PreppyGirl said...

By the way, those are Mr. Social's feet. I'm glad the "rogue long toe" gene skipped me.

Ya, I think Galoot was a little grossed out when we told him he was soaking in Mrs. Social's old foot water. Oh well, his feet still haven't been that clean in a long ass time. They were good sports!

Guinness_Girl said...

Hee! So THAT'S how I can talk my husband into a pedicure! Did you like it?

Galoot said...

3C - It was cool to hang with the wives - even with the kids locked up 15 feet from us!

StinkyP - Mr. Social and I are "sensitive males".

Princess - You're very ethical.

PGirl - Grossed out! Have you looked at my feet?

GGirl - Get him!

princess slea said...

galoot, please please please call julia and get that footage from her and put it on YouTube. i miss "frank"

Anonymous said...

Nice feet! You and Preppy look like you were having lots of fun!