Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stars In My Eyes

Because I'm bored at work...

Thirteen Roles I've Played On Stage And Thirteen Actors Who Played Them More Famously!

1. Scapino in "Scapino" - My first college role. Jim Dale (of "Harry Potter" audio book fame) played him in an early production.
2. Gandalf in "The Hobbit" - My first acting role in grade 8. Ian McKellen edges me out.
3. Falstaff in "Merry Wives Of Windsor" - Kevin Kline played him in one of the "Henry" plays in New York recently.
4. Alan Baker in "Come Blow Your Horn" - My first professional show. The Chairman of The Board - Frank Sinatra - played him on the silver screen.
5. Father Rivard in "The Runner Stumbles" - Played by Dick Van Dyke. In a TV movie no less!
6. Milt Manville in "Luv" - Take away a foot of height and one eye, add a trench coat and a beat-up car, what do you get? Yes, Peter Falk.
7. Joseph Smith in "Homage That Follows" - Bruce Davison (from X-Men) on the big screen.
8. Jacques in "As You Like It" - Kevin Kline again.
9. Dr. Gibbs in "Our Town" - Rudy's pop, Ned Beatty.
10. Pozzo in "Waiting For Godot" - The original Black Adder's papa, Brian Blessed.
11. Juror #11 in "12 Angry Men" - In 1997, Lt. Castillo himself, Edward James Olmos.
12. Herb in "Summertree" - The unsinkable Jack Warden.
13. Captain Keller in "The Miracle Worker" - Character actor, David Straitharn played him on TV a few years back.

Happy Turkey Day!


Anonymous said...

After I commented on R's about the Harry Potter narrator it came to me: JIM DALE!

Two Kevin Kline's? He's one of my favorites (besides you, of course).

Dang baby, you've acted a lot!

princess slea said...

what about Frank?