Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Reeling In The Years

So, an old fraternity brother of mine contacted last week through email. We talked on the phone on Wednesday night for almost an hour, catching up - thanks for calling Drew! In honor of nostalgia, I present to you...

Thirteen Things About My Fraternity

1. The fraternity was called Delta Sigma Psi.
2. A year or so ago, it became a chapter of the Tekes National fraternity.
3. We had a diverse bunch of guys when I was in there. None of the other Greeks could pigeonhole us or stereotype us.
4. One of my brothers - Dino English - is a drummer for the Dark Star Orchestra - A Grateful Dead tribute band that tours nationally.
5. I held three positions in my time with the fraternity - Alumni Affairs, Pledge Captain and President.
6. Brother Drew was president before me.
7. My presidency was successful for making the fraternity a lot of money (We saved money my waiting to drink at our own parties until the last hour.)
8. My presidency was unsuccessful because we gained very few pledges during my senior year.
9. Our pledging period only lasted a week.
10. We had it easy compared to some of the other fraternity pledges who had to march around a clock tower for several hours at a time and carry around bricks in their sweatshirts - don't ask, because I don't know.
11. About the worst thing that I endured was losing some sleep and some slight psychological torture.
12. I unintentionally made some brothers laugh during a particularly solemn ceremony during pledge week. This "incident" earned me a nickname for a brief time among them. I wish I could name it here, but I can't. It is a very Greek name though.
13. This year marks the 45th anniversary of Delta Sigma Psi. We've reached middle age!


PreppyGirl said...

You forgot to mention you were president of the "Geek" fraternity (no typo intended).

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Tweedyfan said...

Delta Sigs?? Big yellow sweatshirts?? Weren't you all on "American's Most Wanted?"