Saturday, October 28, 2006

Monster Mash 2.0

Favor 8 - I do love "Return of the Living Dead". On Thursday I was reading the Wikipedia entry on it over lunch. Fun fact: Thom Matthews, who was the lead, also starred in "Friday The 13th - Part 6: Jason Lives. Both movies are very much tongue-in-cheek. Fun Fact 2: ROTLD was not an official sequel to George Romero's "Dead" movies. The guy who made ROTLD produced the original "Night Of The Living Dead" , but both men wanted to go in different directions after the original. So, they split up the franchise. Romero's movies would end with "of the Dead" (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead) and the other guy's movies would end with "of the Living Dead" (ROTLD2, ROTLD3, etc.)

If any of you can stream audio at work or at home, I've found a pretty good Live365 station which plays classic, alternative and quirky Halloween music. There are even a few spooky readings thrown in.

Check it out:

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GEEK. You too Favor8-GEEK.