Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Me

On this third anniversary of Galoot Jr's birth I present to you...

13 Things About The Fruit Of My Loins

1. He should be on the record as causing the "shortest labor ever". Galoot Jr. arrived about twenty minutes after we entered the hospital. For a short time he had the nickname of "Pistol Pete" because he shot out of there!

2. His first name is PGirl's maiden name and the name of my Pop's younger brother. His middle name is my mother-in-law's maiden name.

3. He has blond hair, much like I did at his age.

4. His personality is more like Drunken Mick's than my own.

5. He is pretty good at escaping from rooms, buildings, etc.

6. One of his tricks is inverting his weiner like a turtle crawling back into his shell.

7. He is tall for his age.

8. He has a plastic, battery-powered John Deere tractor that stays at my Mom's place in Pennsylvania.

9. He is the first Barry in our immediate family to be born in New York State since Drunken Mick in 1976.

10. He shows little fear of most things.

11. When sleeping in our bed, he curls his fists around strands of PGirl's hair.

12. He knows how to piss off his sister.

13. The ladies love him...


3carnations said...

Very sweet post. Sorry...I mean very masculine post (lest any of your neighbors who think you are gay are reading).

Can your son still grab decent fistfuls of Preppygirl's hair since she got the new 'do?

PreppyGirl said...

1. You just referred to my nether regions as "there."

4. Like Mick? This frightens me.

5. Houdini.

11. Ya, he can STILL curl his hands around my hair. I think I'd have to shave it all off to change that!

13. Especially ME!

Stinkypaw said...

The apple didn't fall far from the tree, reads like!

I had to re-read #6... just to be sure I read right! LOL

TheMick said...

Pgirl, I'm not real sure how to take that.

Dan'l Boone said...

My son came about a 1/2 hour into labor. We have a lot in common with our kids. Have to meet the family some day.

Galoot said...

3C - Yes! A manly post! Dirt! Sports! Loud voices! Sausage!

PGirl - Over there! Over there!

StinkyP - Yes. He can make it disappear.

DMick - Your recent post speaks for itself.

DBoon - Pennsylvania Shopping Outlet Trip! (November is booking up fast for us! How about you?)