Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rocket In My Pocket

13 Things In My Wallet

1. Dramatic photo of PGirl. Probably from 1990.
2. Sears Studio photos of PGirl Jr. and Galoot Jr. from 2004.
3. A fake mustache.
4. A U-Promise Master Card
5. Urologist appointment card for March 2007.
6. A "Timothy's" Coffee Club Card. 3 more stamps until free java!
7. Triple A "Plus Card.
8. Chautauqua AMP sticker.
9. Prendergast Library Card
10. CVS Pharmacy Card. CVS rocks.
11. New York State Driver's License with corrective lense restriction.
12. Hollywood Video Card.
13. No money.


3carnations said...

4. U-Promise is great. I just have to remember to check their list when I shop online
5. I thought dentists were the only ones who set appointments that far in advance
10. We don't have CVS here anymore. They seem to be building a new Walgreens about every 30 feet, though, so we've got plenty of pharmacys
12. Do you rent many movies? I strongly recommend Netflix. We get 4 movies a month for $12. It would cost more for us to rent them

princess slea said...

i love netflix!

PreppyGirl said...

1. That "Dramatic" Photo was from about 1991 or so I'm thinkin'. Dramatic? Umm, okay. My friend Jen was a photography student and needed a model. No big deal. Then one day I went into the photo shop where she worked to get some film developed - I was stunned to see my portrait in poster size on the wall! It was scary.

10. CVS does rock. We're getting a Walgreens soon which we love from our Florida days. That will be a dilemma.

11. You have a lense, er um lens restriction? I didn't know that.

13. Tomorrow is pay day!

-R- said...

You never know when you might need a fake mustache. I should probably start carrying one around just in case.