Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monster Mash

In anticipation of next Tuesday...

Thirteen Movies To Watch Around Halloween

1. Halloween - Still gets to me after all these years. The simplicity of John Carpenter's score and his synthesizer scary cues are a labor of love. Most of the sequels are crap and I don't honestly see how Rob "Poser" Zombie can add anything to his remake due out next year.
2. The Fog - The 1980 version, not the recent remake. Carpenter again goes low budget and manages more fright. For me, the creepiest scene featured no gore - watch when Adrienne Barbeau's character goes to work at the radio station while listening to sample promos on a cassette recorder.
3. Ed Wood - Creepy and comical! Johnny Depp and a slew of others (Martin Landau, Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette - among them) remain committed to kooky characterizations throughout this loving tribute to an original independent filmmaker.
4. Alien - Get the extended version if you can.
5. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown - Will Linus ever get out of that pumpkin patch?
6. Seven - Please don't tell P-Girl about the ending. When I found out who the killer was, my jaw dropped. I had just seen the actor in another suspense film weeks before where his character was the plot twist. The timing was perfect.
7. Salem's Lot - The David Soul version from the '70's. Tobe Hooper made the jump to television with this well-produced version of Stephen King's novel.
8. Night Of The Living Dead - For me, the scariest of the series.
9. Scream - Scary and funny. Nice twists.
10. Nightmare Before Christmas - Another Tim Burton neo-classic.
11. Buffy The Vampire Slayer "Hush" - Okay. Not a movie. But "The Gentlemen" are some of the scariest TV concoctions since Rosie O'Donnell and Bill O'Reilly.
12. Young Frankenstein - Watch it now!
13. The Lost Boys - Unlike a lot of Joel Schumaker flicks, this one gets better with age.


princess slea said...

buffy the vampire slayer is too a movie.
how is it possible that pgirl hasn't seen or heard about "7"?

For me the Halloween must see movie every year is "Hocus Pocus" and Disney has shown it several times already. I know it's totally corny but I love it.

-R- said...

Strangely enough, I haven't seen any of those movies except for Seven. But I only saw the end of Seven. And now there is no need to see the rest!

3carnations said...

I've only seen 1, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11. Only The Great Pumpkin and Seven in the past decade. As Princess said, Buffy was indeed a movie. I saw it at the drive in in 1992, I believe. I've never seen the show, though.

PreppyGirl said...

Galoot is talking about an episode of Buffy called HUSH. It is pretty damn freaky. Galoot knows about the Buffy movie - trust me. As you tell from the list he is a MAJOR movie geek.

I have never seen Seven and I'm not sure I want too. I HATE scary, suspenseful movies. Too much stress. Galoot wants me to see it though so he'll never tell me the ending.

I kinda like Hocus Pocus too - and all those Halloweentown movies. Major cheese.

TheMick said...

I'm with ya. "Hush" is my favorite episode of that whole series. I've only seen it once but still vividly remember the gliding, super freaky

princess slea said...

there was NO doubt in my mind that Galoot knew there was a Buffy movie, i was being a smartass.

ps. it's her head.

Galoot said...

Pslea and PGirl - Ladies, ladies, ladies...there is enough movie-geek Galoot for everybody!

PreppyGirl said...

PSlea - I thought you said Buffy is a movie too... not "is too a movie!" I'm a dork. And thanks for ruining 7. I knew you would bitch.

Stinkypaw said...

The only one I haven't seen is Salem's Lot, might try to get it, since all the others were "interesting" in their own special ways...

favor8 said...

Who doesn't love zombies, you know I do. "Send more cops." Some of the best zombies ever.

Nice try.. Shaun of the Dead

Dan'l Boone said...

For the kids I recommend Monster House if they haven't already seen it. "Hitcher" (I think that is the title) is a bare bones scary movie. Rutger Hauer is verrrry scary in this movie. Very gruesome though. Galoot I remember the FAU theate students movie night trips to see Seven and The Usual Suspects in Boca. The later choice of Twister (while some good special effects for the time) was not as great a choice. Pretty scary list.

Galoot said...

Dan - Do you remember coming up to Lake Worth with the "Castle" cast to watch "The Warriors" on VHS?