Thursday, October 19, 2006

We've Got To Move These Color TV's

I'm into my second day of a conference in the Adirondacks of New York State. The center conists of many log-cabin style buildings and sits on the edge of Blue Mountain Lake. Natural Beauty surrounds me, yet while I sat for endless discussions of not-for-profit arts in education, I wasn't thinking of all the scenery I could be taking in. No, I was concerned about an internet hook-up and Project Runway.

Thankfully, this place is a wifi hotspot - like an internet supernova! And there was a TV with satellite hookup in the game room. So, I multitasked on my laptop and watched two of my favorite shows last night.

Without further ado:

Thirteen Things I Learned From Television Last Night While I Should Have Been Hiking Trails In The Mountains Of Upstate New York Or, At Least, Kayaking On A Lake.

1. Jeffrey's clothes should not have won "Project Runway" for him. The first four polka dot things were awful.
2. I compromised my reality show ethics by voting for Jeffrey to win over Laura, just because I like the guy. Really, he grew on me.
3. I thought Jeffrey and Michael would be the first two to go last night. I was wrong.
4. I figured Uli to win.
5. "Top Chef" (I watched through the Quick-Fire challenge) still rocks. The people weren't nearly as obnoxious as the promos indicated.
6. Let's stick to the kitchen scenes and stay away from the dormitory living stuff. Please! You can keep your hour length by putting in stuff you cut out.
7. Heidi and Padmi are useless as hosts. They offer nothing - I mean nothing - to their respective shows. Producers, save your money and let Tim and Chef handle the hosting.
8. "Dancing With The Stars" = Big Pile of Poop.
9. "Lost" is like a soap opera. You can get away from it for awhile and pick up without getting...lost?
10. Locke's sweat-lodge induced vision of the airport was seriously cool!
11. I hate DirectTV's interface. Almost as bad as Time Warner-Digital Cable.
12. "Reality" shows cause me to talk to the TV half as much as televised sports.
13. Joey Lawrence is back? Really? Whoa!


PreppyGirl said...

I actually liked most of Jeffrey's clothes (go figure). I looked at the clothes on line last week and I knew Michael wasn't going to win. Laura's stuff is beautiful but not edgy enough for the judges. I though Uli might take it. Jeffrey grew on me too - but he's still a poser.

I'm with ya on the Heidi/Padmi thing. I missed Top Chef (we were watching Halloweentown High, one of your favorites - not). And Joey Lawrence is back? WHOA! Umm, who's Andy?

-R- said...

Uli was robbed!! Jeffrey did not grow on me at all. Grrrr. I agree with your wife: Jeffrey=poser.

I watched Lost too but did not watch Top Chef. I like Mr. Ekko. I hope he is ok!

Galoot said...

I thought Uli had it, I really did.

Believe me, poseur Jeffrey annoyed me to no end at the start. But Laura, in my opinion, began to edge him out. Jeffrey could be rude, out loud, but Laura was a snake. Mean. Snide little comments under her breath. And maybe it was in the editing, but a lot of her testimonials by herself seemed to call out other designers.

I think that accusing Jeffrey of outsourcing only made people more sympathetic toward him.

princess slea said...

I started to make a comment but it was so long I decided to just post it on my blog.