Thursday, October 12, 2006

No More Mr. Nice Guy

I'm cranky today...

!3 Things That I Can Live Without

1. Robin Williams doing his white-guy rap in movies and on television.
2. MTV's "Laguna Beach" and "Made". The beach kids' "reality" is anything but. And hiring trainers and consultants to help the "Made" teens turn into other people and do other things just enables them to be lazy quitters.
3. Laura on "Project Runway". I get it. You have a lot of kids. I heard you the first ten times!
4. Anyone calling Bill Clinton's Fox News appearance a "hissy-fit" or "outburst". The question he was asked was deliberate and pointed. He answered it. He defended himself. If Condy Rice is allowed to keep someone from "impuning" her reputation, surely an ex-president should too.
5. Our government doing very little about Darfur. We know that genocide is happening over there. We invaded Iraq on less information. WTF?
6. Sean Combs. His time came and went. Somebody get him on "The Surreal World", stat!
7. The light-rock station that invades all low wattage signals on my radio. I want to hear NPR in the morning, not Five for Fighting.
8. Rod Stewart making money by covering other people's songs. Enough.
9. People who double park. Don't they realize that by doing so, they risk getting scratched even more so?
10. Text messages. Save your 25 cents and call me.
11. People who are late for things so they can pick up their coffee.
12. Anyone who points at a tattoo on their body or a piece of clothing or a hairstyle and says "This is who I am! This is my identity!" Bullshit. What's on the inside?
That is what counts.
13. I'll squeeze two in here - bicycle riders who go against traffic and pedestrians who walk in the street next to a perfectly good sidewalk. If I come around the corner at a legal speed and you're where you're not supposed to be...
I'm just saying!

I guess the lady from yesterday's post rubbed off on me.


TheMick said...

Same mood today must be in the blood.

Weather report
Mon. 84 sunny, Tues 65 slight wind sunny, Weds 65 light drizzle,
Thurs woke up 33 now 39. I hate Cincy's weather We went Summer then Fall then Spring then Winter in four days.

If your going to pay w/ a credit card over the phone have some CC rythem 1234 1234 1234 1234 not through a twelve in there or a 12341

Your always suppose to ride your bike with traffic Kindygarten 101

princess slea said...

right on!

i'm going to post my thursday 13 on the same topic because i can't think of anything else.

PreppyGirl said...

I can't believe you didn't mention:
A) the fit you threw when the DSL crapped out last night
B) the fact that the DVR pre-empts recordings to start the next event early (thereby cutting off the end of Project Runway & Lost last night)
C) the fact that your daughter's glasses and school folder have vanished from the face of the earth
D) your new intern

Shall I go on? Kisses.

-R- said...

Ha ha, you watch Project Runway. Add this to the reasons why you are gay list. For the record, H watches Project Runway too. And instead of Laura, you should have Keith on your list. Grrrr.

Galoot said...

You've crossed the line! Laura = Duke, Jeffrey = Kentucky! Go Big Blue!

-R- said...

Go Duke!

Mr. Social said...

And at whom is the "people who are late so they can pick up coffee" rant aimed at? Hmmmm?

Galoot said...

Coffee comment is aimed at anyone who does that knowing that they'll be late if they do! A lot of instances came to mind when I was writing that...
I think coffee was in the forefront because I see it being used as an accessory, not a necessity sometimes. Some folks will try to excuse themselves by saying, "If I don't have my morning cup..." I guess I'm annoyed that there are people out there who have to have a "thing" about them. And when that "thing" is having an ever-present cup of coffee in their hands, I get annoyed. I'm too damn sensitive! Thanks for the therapy!