Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday The 1st - Felt Like A Thirteen

What a day!

Several Things That Could Have Destroyed A Happy Day, (And Why They Didn't...)
  1. The dog got away from me before our morning walk. (He came back.)
  2. My son wasn't listening to me again this morning. I yelled at him. (I apologized. I think he forgave me.)
  3. Nasty weather had the potential to wreak havoc on my family in Kentucky. (So far, still safe.)
  4. The holiday parade was postponed because of weather. (Gave me an excuse to republish my online newsletter - which had some errors in it the first time around - in order to reflect schedule changes for a few events.)
  5. I had to leave work to free my father-in-law from his attic which led to....
.....6. Missing a 1pm meeting for the second time in two weeks with the same guy. (Father-In-Law accessed the attic from a ladder on the side of his house - ladder blew over- FIL finished insulating before calling PGirl - PGirl called me to help him. Meeting guy was very understanding and wouldn't have known about the movie cancellation at our venue tonight - due to the weather cancellation of the holiday parade - if I hadn't called him to apologize for missing the meeting in the first place!)

7. Could not send out press release with photos attached. (Shrunk photos down to fit.)
8. Office chair keeps descending. (Still isn't all the way fixed, but is better.)
9. Parade Postponement part 2 (Get to finish decorating tree with family tonight!)


Muzenews said...

I'm pretty glad the parade got postponed because I was going to miss it due to being in the Living Christmas Tree. You're a good man for rescuing your FIL.

monkeybrigade said...

You should get some kind of city award for rescuing the mayor from the attic!

PreppyGirl said...

Sorry! I didn't know you were missing a meeting. I could've gone over there - you're just about 25 minutes closer than me. Oops. Poor dad. I told him he should jump (I thought he had entered from INSIDE the house). He then reminded me of his $35K ceramic hip. Double oops.

3carnations said...

My office chair was doing the same thing! I stopped trying to raise it, and then my back started hurting. I traded chairs with a coworker, who has since traded my old chair for an old plastic chair. I think it's time for a couple new chairs around the office...

Stinkypaw said...

Isn't it cool when freaky things do work out for the best in the end! The Magic of December! ;-)