Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hazy Shade of Winter

The snow finally arrived in Western New York this week.

Here are:

Thirteen Things That Happened On Hump Day

  1. Woke up to a two hour school delay.
  2. Used the snowblower for the second time this winter.
  3. Found out that the delay turned into a school closure.
  4. Emailed to my coworkers that I'd be working out of the home to watch PGirlJr. on her first snow day of 2007.
  5. Did some laundry.
  6. Did some work.
  7. Lost, then recovered the wireless signal from the home DSL line.
  8. Baked a frozen pizza for lunch and made popcorn for a snack.
  9. Cooked dinner at 2pm and stored in the fridge for later.
  10. Threw snowballs at the kids.
  11. Made snow angels with the kids.
  12. Took a call from an asshole telemarketer. I kid you not, this guy was along the lines of that infamous AOL service cancellation call that was featured on the Today show.
  13. Sat in my thermal underwear while typing this post.


PreppyGirl said...

That telemarketer was unreal. Galoot kept asking for the supervisor and the guy kept saying, "I'll call you back at a better time." Galoot's like, "NO - don't ever call me back - take me off the list - if you can't do that let me talk to your boss." This went on for a good 5 minutes.

I'd like to add that Galoot was very civil and incredibly tame (for him). The guy kept saying, "I'm just doing my job." Well, if his job was to be ridiculously annoying and relentless, then he's employee of the year.

-R- said...

Whoa. I can't believe that phone call. Well, I do believe it, but it is ridiculous.

Glad you finally got some snow! We had one tiny snow, and that is it! It is kind of freaking me out.

Galoot said...

The dude had obviously had some rough calls earlier in the day. But he's got to be prepared for people asking him to do what I asked him to do. He's on the clock, not me!

Kentucky Colonel said...

Next time they call, use that bit from Bob and Tom where you ask them what their relationship was with Mr. Galoot and identify yourself as a Detective looking into Mr. Galoot's murder. That should stop them