Thursday, January 18, 2007

13 Things on My Blog From N to Z

N="Nosy", my second ever post.
O= Odiferous, my toots stink the most.
P=Preppygirl, who rings my bells.
R="R" - And you know what else?
S=Swayze is the man. He's like no other.
T=Tim, or the Mick. Galoot's little brother.
U=Uncle Tupelo, the world's greatest band.
V = Fourth letter in Pavement, a group that was grand.
W= "Whack", which describes my B-Boy son.
X= Making my porn name was fun!
Y = "Yes, And" An Improv Golden Rule, Which I Used This Past Yule...
Z = 3rd and 4th letters of Jazz, look at the pic and pick out the spaz!


3carnations said...

Odiferous. Hilarious. I'm sure Preppygirl can vouch for that...

3carnations said...
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