Monday, January 08, 2007

Winter Wonderlands

I figured I might fire one off here during my desktop lunch.

Whether you are in warm or cold weather...

A few good movies that take place in winter:
  1. Wonder Boys
  2. Guarding Tess
  3. Uncle Buck
  4. Groundhog Day
  5. The Breakfast Club
Holiday Honorable Mention (For those of you who can still watch Christmas Movies in January and not get depressed.)
  1. Nobody's Fool (with Paul Newman)
  2. The Family Stone
  3. Just Friends


-R- said...

I have been curious about The Family Stone, but I haven't heard any review of it. Now I may finally go check it out.

princess slea said...

you know, i would have liked the family stone much better with any actress but sjparker. for some reason she bugs me and i didn't feel any chemistry between her and any of the characters. (for the same reason, i hated "failure to launch" ~ she is almost as bad a match for matthew mc. as jennifer lopez)

PreppyGirl said...

Are we EVER gonna watch Nobody's Fool this year? One of my favorites, hands down.

The Family Stone has its moments. It took a while to get rolling but once it did I thought it was pretty good. I thought SJ Parker did a good job of getting you to NOT like her, but the relationship with Luke Wilson's character is a bit forced.

I'm sure you'll get no arguments from Galoot on SJP - he doesn't get why everyone thinks she's so great. Meh.

princess slea said...

I agree with you Prepp, the movie itself has a lot of redeeming qualities (hello? diane keaton, luke wilson and rachel mcadams to name a few) but sjparker DOES do such a good job at being unlikeable that it's hard to tell what either of the men DO like about her.
I don't particularly like her on Sex and the City either (which i know is strange because i do like the actual show).
did you see Failure to Launch? TERRIBLE.

Galoot said...

I'm attracted to SJP the person, but I hated all the Sex and the City posters and billboards. Her oufits in those were ridiculous looking. The person Carrie was based on, Candace Bushnell, wasn't particularly attractive to me either.

I was reminded of how annoying SJP can be when a story about The Gap ran on The Today Show yesterday. In it, they showed a clip from that perfectly fine Lenny Kravitz Gap commercial that was ruined as soon as Mrs. Bueller danced into frame.