Thursday, January 25, 2007

And Many More From Channel Four

Today is my birthday. I'm 35 years old. No big whoop because age is just a number and I'm still able to pick my gray hairs out of my head every few months when they show up. Thank you Grandpa Gene for your genes!

Thirteen Memorable Galoot Birthdays

  1. 1990 - I came home Sunday night from a weekend at Kentucky Colonel's house. As soon as I walked in the front door my Saint Eileen (my mother) told me to go down to the den because the Organ Grinder (my stepfather) wanted to have a talk with me. I felt I must be in trouble for something. Bracing myself for the worst, I went down the stairs, only to find my closest high school friends waiting for me. Surprise!
  2. 1976 or 1977? I remember some uncles and aunts coming over to the house on Long Island. The memorable present was a "Star Trek" playset (the main deck of the Enterprise with a transporter room off to the left.)
  3. 1993 - My girlfriend and I had broken up that week and my Grandpa Ed died around the same time. I hid out from my fraternity brothers so they wouldn't drag me off to St. Louis for a birthday pub crawl. Two freshmen, who would soon pledge our fraternity, snuck a six pack up to my room and shared it with me. Good times.
  4. 1978 - New Jersey apartment. Don't remember the gifts, but I do remember disco dancing and pin the tail on the donkey!
  5. 1979 - Kentucky house on Arbor Court. Saint Eileen made a pan cake that was made to look like my basketball jersey. She made very good pan cakes.
  6. 1991 - I returned to Kentucky on my holiday break and threw a party for myself at Chuck E. Cheese. More good times!
  7. 2002 - My first birthday in Jamestown. I share this life event with the Mayor (my father-in-law) and the next day is Mr. Social (brother-in-law)'s. The whole fam damily went to Hultman's in Falconer to eat. Hultman's is a neat family-run restaurant that basically takes up the first floor of a house. Good eats!
  8. 1999 - My first birthday with PGirl.
  9. 2000 - My second birthday with PGirl. These last two are most special because they involved the two of us. No kids yet, beginning to plan our future together. Just the two of us.
  10. 2001 - I certainly enjoyed my birthday, but I was also anticipating the June birth of PGirl Jr.! A few months later we would see our first images of her during an after-hours, undercover visit to a hospital visit in Tennessee. Thanks to Sylvia's sister for sneaking us in!
  11. 1996 - It sucks to have to rehearse on Super Bowl Sunday. But I lived through it and made it to BradyBoone's apartment for his party. A woman I had been set up with by Boone's fiance brought a cake for me. We'd been on a few dates but nothing ever happened with her.
  12. 1995 - Another Super Bowl Sunday rehearsal. This time I went to my cousin Eddie's house to celebrate the game. Little fanfare for my b-day. That's cool.
  13. 1972 - I sprung forth from Saint Eileen's loins! Liberation!


TheMick said...

Happy Birthday brotha, Love you

Kentucky Colonel said...

Happy B-Day Galoot - With Great Love

3carnations said...

A grown up birthday party at Chuck E Cheese? That's a riot.

Happy birthday!

PreppyGirl said...

Happy Birthday baby. I love you!

-R- said...

Happy belated birthday!

How is a pan cake different than a regular cake?

favor8 said...

i forgot, why couldn't you have your b-day on flag day, it'd be so much easier to remember.

Stinkypaw said...

Happy belated birthday! 35, you're still a young man - enjoy it while you still can!